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The land of the twin towers for… ‘, says High-tech days after demolition | India latest news

Written by Manjiri Sachin Chitre | Edited by Bulumi Ghosh

Days after the largest demolition in the country of twin towers in Noida, Supertech Limited on Thursday said news ANI agency that Earth of The demolished twin towers will be used for other residential project After obtaining the necessary approval from the Noida authority and the approval of the homebuyers of Emerald Court. The Twin Towers were demolished at 2.30pm on Sunday – finish nine -year saga.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director director of Supertech RK Arora has stated that the twin towers – Apex and Ceyane – are “part of the of Establishment of the Emerald Court project in Sector 93A on Land allocated by Noida authority.”

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“The building plans of The project including the two towers has been approved by the Noida Authority in 2009 who was strictly in According with Building codes prevailing at the time. There was no deviation from the construction scheme made and the building constructed after making full Payment to the authority. Now both towers have been demolished and we have paid for the demolition cost of R17.5 crores for relevant agencies in Demolition according to the decision of the Supreme Court.

Arora added 95 percent of Homebuyers of The twin towers. Five left percent of The people who be left – Either we give them property or re money with Benefit and full compliance with command – order of Supreme court ” added.

Before of demolition on Sunday, over 5000 residents, vehiclesAnimals were rescued from the nearby community of Emerald Court and ATS Greens Village. Controlled bangs using 3700 kg of The explosives were the largest Indian demolition to date.

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demolition of constellations left behind 80,000 metric tons of wreck – out of Of which about 55,000 metric tons are said to have settled in the basement. Meanwhile, the rest of 25000 MT of The debris will be moved out over The next Three months by Edifice Engineering and Jet Demolition officials.

(with input from ANI)

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