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The Kill Room: Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman Reunite in Dark Comedy Thriller

Dark Comedy Thriller ‘The Kill Room’ Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman Set to Hit Theaters

On September 28, 2018, audiences throughout the United States can witness the once-in-a-lifetime reunion. According to Deadline, Shout! Studios has announced that the dark comedy thriller, The Kill Room, which stars Pulp Fiction alumni, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman, will be crashing into cinemas in just over two months. This will bring audiences another high-stakes adventure with the duo, who haven’t been seen opposite one another in almost 30 years. According to our information regarding the feature film that will be directed by Nicol Paone (Friendsgiving), the duo will return to their high-octane, pulse-pounding action beginnings.

The Plot of The Kill Room

The plot of The Kill Room, which Jonathan Jacobson wrote, revolves around an art dealer, played by Thurman, who teams up with a lethal hitman, played by Joe Manganiello, and his employer, played by Jackson, to pull off a money laundering robbery that develops a mind of its own. While the hitman was in the process of committing the crime, his artwork was discovered, which led to him becoming a cultural icon. The art dealer suddenly finds herself in the crosshairs, and she must make snap judgments as she faces a world of her own and the sordid underbelly that she has inadvertently unleashed.

A Star-Studded Cast

In addition to audiences being able to witness Jackson and Thurman reuniting on film for the first time since Quentin Tarantino’s cult masterpiece, they will also be able to see the Kill Bill star appear opposite her daughter, as well as Stranger Things’ Do Revenge’s Maya Hawke, and in Asteroid City’s Maya Hawke’s role. Candy Buckley (Bachelorette), Dree Hemingway (The Unicorn), Debi Mazar (Younger), Larry Pine (Succession), Amy Keum (Honor Society), Alexander Sokovikov (For All Mankind), Jennifer Kim (Mozart in the Jungle), Tom Pecinka (The Survivalist), and Matthew Maher (Air) are also featured in the ensemble cast.

Production and Producers

The feature film is a collaboration between Yale Productions and Idiot Savant Pictures, with a long list of producers that includes Paone, Thurman, Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, William Rosenfeld, Dannielle Thomas, Jason Weinberg, Anne Clements, and Bill Kenwright. Other producers on the project include Jordan Beckerman, Anne Clements, and Bill Kenwright. Serving as executive producers are David Gilbery, Naomi George, Robert Kapp, Paul Wedgwood, Phil Hunt, Bradley Pilz, Jason Kringstein, Michael J. Rothstein, Scott Levenson, Jay Burnley, Nicholas Donnermeyer, Ian Niles, Jeffrey Tussi, Luke Taylor, Matthew Helderman, Jason Zibarras, Cary Anderson, BK Fulton, Russ Posternak, Ulf Ek, Compton Ross, Kahil Dotay, Bradley Pilz, Richard Switzer, Tyler W. Konney, and Philip Shaltz.

Get Ready for The Kill Room

When The Kill Room hits theaters on September 28, you must be ready to take on the art world and a vicious league of hitmen.

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