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The kidnapped girl “Hero” gnaws through the restraints and her escape leads to discovery of two bodies

Dadeville, Allah. – A 12-year- an old girl in captivity in rural Alabama mobile home fled and was found walking down the road, prompting an investigation that resulted in police finding two decomposing bodies in the street. home where she was being held, authorities said on Tuesday.

José Paulino Pascual-Reyes, 37, was jailed on kidnapping count, Tallapous County Sheriff Jimmy Ebbett said. news conference. District Attorney Jeremy Duerr Claims ‘Multiple’ Additional Capital murder the accusations were credible.

A motorist drives through a rural residential area noticed the child on road on Monday morning and stopped, authorities said.

Jose Paulino Pascual-Reyes

Tallapus County Jail

driver chose up the girl and called 911, which led to an investigation and search in which police found two decomposing bodies in Pascual-Reyes’ home and the girl was believed to be being held, Ebbett said. Another people lived in the residence, but no one was still there when the police arrived, he said.

According to investigators, the girl was tied to the bedposts. for more than a week and were given alcohol to keep her in under the influence of drugs, according to WRBL-TV, an affiliate of CBS Columbus, Georgia. Investigators say she escaped by chewing out of her limitations by damaging her braces on her teeth in process.

Detectives believe the girl was abducted around July 24 and the suspect intended to hurt or rape her. says.

metal base of in mobile home was torn off according to WRBL, and it appears that investigators have focused their attention on the ground under mobile home.

The man was arrested in Auburn, Abbet said. It was not clear what kind information the girl could have provided the authorities, but Ebbet called her a hero.

Police did not immediately release names. of in dead people or cause of death and court records did not include a name of a defense lawyer who could speak on on behalf of of Pascual Reyes.

The authorities did not release information about the girl, including whether she was related to the suspect. According to the sheriff, she is not missing.

“We gave her medical attention,” Abbet said. She is safe now, so we want keep her in it way.”

FBI and Department of national security were also involved in investigation, reports WRBL.

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