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The judge ordered Trump give Mar-a-Lago warrant details

Antenna view of former Mar-a-Lago US President Donald Trump home after Trump said the FBI had searched the place, in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, August 15, 2022

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Federal judge appointed former President Donald Trump ordered him on Tuesday to answer several key questions about him new lawsuit related to FBI raid on his florida home including why her court should to be one hearing and more explain exactly what he wants her to do.

Judge Eileen Cannon also ordered Trump to tell her how his lawsuit involves another pending case involving the same search warrant being heard by a federal magistrate. in the same court, and whether the Department of justice prevailed with his claim yet.

A gun also to want know if Trump seeks any injunctions related to material seized in raid until the lawsuit is resolved.

Cannon’s order comes a day after Trump filed lawsuit in US District Court for Southern District of Florida, asking her to appoint a so-called special master review documents seized on August 8 in FBI raid on his resort residence Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

The judge that Trump appointed to this court in 2020 gave him and his lawyers until Friday to answer her questions.

Trump wants to block the Justice Department from examining the seized documents until special The master looks at them. step usually accepted if available chance that some evidence should be kept from prosecutors because of various legal privileges.

The Ministry of Justice is criminal document investigation, removed from the White House when Trump left office in January 2021 Presidential papers by law required be converted over to the National Archives.

A warrant authorizing an FBI search and seizure operation in Mar-a-Lago. shows that the Department of Justice is investigating possible violations of laws related to espionage and obstacle of justice. Multiple sets of documents marked above secret were captured in raid.

Trump claims the raid was illegal and motivated by a desire to undermine his chances of take back the White House if he chooses run again.

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A gun in her order on Tuesday wrote: “The court in check of Claimant’s motion for Judicial supervision and additional assistance”.

“In order to facilitate the adoption of an appropriate decision, on or by August 26, 2022. The Claimant must file an addendum to the Petition specifying on the following: (1) the stated basis for an exercise of the jurisdiction of that Court, whether legal, equitable/anomalous or both; (2) framework applicable to exercise of such jurisdiction,” Cannon wrote.

Referee also told Trump team detail “the exact remedy sought, including any request for injunction pending decision of traffic; (4) effect if any, of trial before Justice of the Peace Bruce E. Reinhart; and (5) status of Plaintiff’s Efforts to Improve Service on Respondent.”

Reinhart signed the warrant for the raid. He considers requests media exits to print the affidavits filed by the Department of Justice, which put out in need for search and events leading up to that.

Earlier Tuesday National Archives posted online a letter saying it was secret material was found in boxes trump turned over over to this agency in January.

material which covers 700 pages including pages related to the main secret sensitive with compartments information as well as special access programssays the letter from the National Archives.

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