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The Iraqi Electoral Commission: We did not face any pressure during the elections

The Iraqi Electoral Commission confirmed, in exclusive statements to Al-Arabiya, that it was not subjected to any pressure during the elections. The coalition acted parallel to the announcement of the final results, noting that the coalition presented “compelling” evidence of the fraud in the elections. It took place in the Iraqi elections, whether at home or from abroad,” noting that “the conquest reached that inevitability about the fraud process with conclusive and irrefutable evidence.” “If the commission does not take the evidence, we will have another position,” noting that “the situation is not under threat, but rather a position on the forgery process.” Which will be announced by the Commission,” adding that “if the Commission tries to correct something, Al-Fateh’s reaction will inevitably be different from his first reaction.” If the coalition approves it, the Al-Fateh coalition will not leave the arena for America and its allies and others to play with it.”

The semi-final results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections

The semi-final results showed For the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the “Sairoon” coalition, backed by Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, advanced with seventy-three seats out of three hundred and twenty-nine.

The participation rate in the elections amounted to 43%

The Commission indicated that the participation rate in the elections amounted to forty-three percent, indicating that the total number of voters exceeded nine million six hundred thousand Voter.

The High Electoral Commission in Iraq revealed the participation of international, foreign and Arab teams to monitor the legislative elections throughout the country.

A member of the media team in the commission, Imad Jamil, said in statements A precedent that the international teams that will participate in monitoring the progress of the parliamentary elections are from the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League, the Islamic Conference and Arab and foreign embassies. Inside Iraq.

Jamil also confirmed that teams from organizations interested in electoral affairs will be distributed with the teams of the aforementioned authorities on all 83 electoral districts.


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