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The investigation agency hits David’s gang and arrests the aides of the gang, Chota Shakeel

Pakistan punished Dawood Ibrahim and 87 others for terror- related activities (file)

as part of Campaign launched by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) against David’s gang, the investigation agency arrested two of his associates of Gangster Chota Shakil.

The arrested suspects were identified – Aref Abu Bakr Sheikh (59 years old) and Shabeer Abu Bakr Sheikh (51 years old).

“They are both involved in Dealing with D company’s illegal activities and terrorist financing in Western suburbs of Mumbai senior NIA official a statement.

According to him, they will be produced before the NIA special Tennis Court on Friday.

“Investigations indicate that the entire guild is there run By David’s gang across the border. have already He summoned 21 people to explain their roles, “A official She said.

Earlier this week, the National Intelligence Agency conducted searches in 24 places in Mumbai commission and five places in Mira Bhayander Commissioning Road.

“We have taken over a lot of Guide in appearance of Electronic devices and documents related to real Property, cash And firearms so one by one We will summon people who who locations items retrieved and asked for an explanation,” explains official.

According to the officials of probe teamShota Shakil brother-in- Lao Salim Qureshi aka Salem Fruit, Sohail Khandwani, Administrative Secretary of Mahim and Haji Ali Dargas, producer of Bollywood and the 1993 Mumbai bombings, accused Sameer Hingorani, alleged hawala operator Abdul Gayoom, alleged bookmaker-turned-builder of Ajay Ghosaliah, alias Ajay Ganda, Mopeda Bhiwandiwala, Gudu Pathhan, and restaurateur Aslam Sarodia. of NIA.

The investigation agency carried out raids in 29 places in Mumbai and its vicinity in Connection with The case brought by the NIA on February 3 earlier this year very.

The case is for terror/criminal Activities of The international terrorist network of D- A company comprising Daoud Ibrahim Qaskar and his companions, including Hajj Anis alias Anis Ibrahim Sheikh, Shakil Sheikh nicknamed Shota Shakeel, Javed Patel nicknamed Jaweed Sheknah and Ibrahim Mushtaq Abdul Razzaq Maimon alias Tiger Maimon.

They have been accused with indulgence in arms smuggling, drug terrorism, money launderingtrading of Including unauthorized FICN possession and acquisition of key assets for reinforced terror funds.

According to the National Intelligence Agency, they are also a job in active cooperation with international Terrorist organizations, including Lashkar-e-Taiba (Lashkar-e-Taiba), Jaysh Muhammad (Army of Muhammad), and Al-Qaeda (AQ).

FIR . Investigation Agency also Claims that D-Company has created a file special lonliness for Stupendous terror in The people of India by attacking prominent personalities including political leaders, businessmen and others using lethal weapons.

Central Agency also It was revealed that Ibrahim and his companions are planning to incite and trigger accidents that may lead for violence in various slash of India like Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities.

David Abraham is appointed as global terrorist in 2003 by India and the United States, with a reward of 25 million dollars on for him head for alleged role in 1993 Bombay bombings. Ho also Accused in Multiple cases of Extortion, murder and smuggling.

Recently, Pakistan government Daoud punished Ibrahim and 87 others for terror- Related activities to evade status on The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is in grey list.


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