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The hearing will take place on January 6 show proof of Trump role in Fake Voters Scheme, Schiff says

“Yes OK show proof of participation of the president in this scheme. Well also again show evidence that his own lawyers thought about this scheme,” said California Democrat Dana Basch of CNN. on “State of Union”. “And we will show courageous statesmen who stood up and they said they won’t with this plan either call legislators back in session or revoke the certificate results for Joe Biden.

federal prosecutors are looking into fake Electoral College certificates created by Trump allies who falsely declared him winner of seven fortunes he lost in 2020. Fake certificates sent to the National Archives in a few weeks after the election and had no effect on the outcome of the elections.

To Bash’s question specifically, if the committee investigating on January 6, 2021, attack on The U.S. Capitol had evidence that Trump was running a fake voter scheme, Schiff responded, “I don’t want get ahead of of our hearing.”

“Well show during the hearing that the President role was in trying to get states to name alternative slates of electors, how this scheme depended initially on hopes the legislators will meet again and bless him,” he said, adding: “We will show you what we know about him role in this is.”

Upcoming Committee Hearings on tuesday will be also feature Georgia election officials and speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives who resisted pressure from Trump and his campaign cancel the 2020 election results.

Schiff also said the committee still had “a few key people we didn’t interview, we would like to” and still could subpoena former Vice President Mike Pence of his investigation.

“(He) is definitely a possibility,” Schiff said. “We do not rule out anyone or anything at the moment.

Also on Sunday, another panellist in the House of Representatives on January 6 said it was necessary to “accountability” for displayed offense in evidence and testimony before an elected committee, but stopped of call on department of Justice for Trump’s accusation.

Democratic Rep. Jamie Ruskin of Maryland said on NBC’s Meet the Press that “accountability can mean two things. One individual criminal accountability what people to pay for their specific crimes more than 800 people have already was held accountable for everything from attacking a federal officer to intervening with federal investigation into a rebellious conspiracy.”

“But accountability also means collective accountability and this real projecthe continued. — Telling truth to people so what can we do decisions about how strengthen democratic institutions forward.”

Meanwhile, when Basch asked him about the committee on January 6 decision don’t turn around over documents relating to his Justice Department investigation, Schiff defended panel’s position, saying, “I don’t think Congress ever did that.”

“Now I’m participating in several investigations in which the Department of Justice conducted parallel investigations. Congress never says’Hey Justice Department, different branch of government, just come and view our files. We also Don’t say, “Hey, we want go over as well as just Review your files,” he said.

The Ministry of Justice expressed concern in court that the select committee did not share the transcripts and jeopardized his ability for prosecution and investigation January 6 events.

Schiff said the committee work with Department of Justice andwant im to be successful in bringing people to justice but I can’t get in private conversations.”

When you press Bash on Why didn’t the committee call? on witnesses who power challenge in panel Schiff defended the committee’s choice of witnesses.

“We’re interviewing, to be honest, anyone who has the relevant evidence,” he said. – We place this relevant evidence in front of the public, and we do this in a way is the most cohesive and that we can convey the main points to public.”

Schiff also addressed a letter sent by the committee to select the House of Representatives last a week in Virginia “Ginny” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asks her to speak with participants in the discussion role in efforts to cancel the 2020 elections results.
Ginny Thomas latest dispute means the Supreme Court can't escape 2020 electionGinny Thomas latest dispute means the Supreme Court can't escape 2020 election

“We want to know that she knows what her involvement is in this plot to cancel the election,” Schiff said. She said she was ready to come in and testify voluntarily. We’re glad to hear that.”

CNN previously reported that the committee in possession of email correspondence between Jeannie Thomas and conservative attorney John Eastman, who was an architect of pressure campaign around Pence and argued that the then VP had the legal right to block the certification of 2020 election results.

Schiff on Sunday told CNN that Judge Thomas should nothing to do” with cases related to the uprising.

“I think that, at the very least, it suggests – and I think that we know enough to say it already — that Judge Thomas to avoid even the appearance of obscenity, should nothing to do with any cases related to January 6, in particular … according to our investigation, ”he said.

CNN’s Aaron Pellis contributed to this report.


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