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The head of the UN is looking for ‘justice’ for flood-hit Pakistan – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif receives UN Secretary-General António Guterres at the Prime Minister’s House on Friday. – White Star

• Offers a donor conference help Pakistan reimburses $30bn damages
• Prime Minister Shehbaz says merits of the country support from developed world
• FM talks about enormity of challenge

ISLAMABAD: UN Secretary General António Guterres on Friday offered to hold of donor conference help flood devastated Pakistan to rebuild and called world to give help ‘what’s up of justice not sympathy.”

“Today we discussed the possibility of organization of the conference, and we are ready to organize it together with Pakistani government — of of course it is decision for Pakistani government take – how soon as it is clear grade of needs”, i.e. secretary general said in media conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Guterres on a two-day “solidarity visit” to Pakistan following massive climate change-related floods that left one-third of the country is flooded and nearly 33 million people affected. Around 1400 people, one third of who are the children have lost their lives so far.

hundreds of thousands of houses, acres of Crops and heads of livestock were washed away by flood waters. also caused extensive damage to roads and bridges.

More than half million people have been moved. A lot of of they were transferred to relief tents.

Monsoon on steroids’

The floods were caused unusually strong monsoon, which secretary general previously described as “monsoonal on steroids” and melting glaciers. This is due to the rise in temperature for both phenomena.

Pakistan, in July and August this year received almost 187 percent more rain than national average.

The UN had on On August 30, a US$160 million Flash Appeal was launched to urgently help the most affected.

Mr Guterres said the emergency appeal is aimed at allow for aid agencies start providing “minimum relief” as first step. He acknowledged that there was a donor help in exceptional circumstances due to flooding.

secretary general said that the needs assessment should not only cover the relief requirements but also mitigation and reconstruction costs.

Pakistan has already asked the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union to conduct post-evaluation of needs in natural disasters.

“Pakistan needs massive financial support respond to this crisis cost I was told about $30 billion and I believe,” Guterres said in another press release. with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He called international community implement fact that Pakistan has hardly contributed to climate change with very low gas emissions, but was at the forefront of influence’ of change because of damage caused emissions of the rich countries.

Mr Guterres said aid to Pakistan in in current the situation was not just about the expression of solidarity, but the question of justice.

“Effective solidarity and effective justice must be shown through the mobilization of mass support for assistance and rehabilitation,” he said.

Prime Minister Sharif, highlighting need for international help, said, “If we don’t get enough support in terms of relief, in terms of repairing our damaged infrastructure, we will in trouble.”

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari meanwhile media conference at FO, said because of enormity of challenge, government did not have in opportunity to provide shelter and food to all flood victims throughout the country.

Mr. Guterres is also attractive for help will also touring some of the most affected areas, where he will meet with affected and relief workers to highlight the needs of those areas and suffering of in people.

Published in Dawn, September 10, 2022

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