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“The government thinks only of those who applaud…” Raghuram Rajan on the critics

Raghuram Rajan said, “Even though growthLow capacity utilization.

New Delhi:

Raghuram Rajan former Governor Governor of Reserve Bank, told NDTV today that while growth Numbers in India is better than many countries that the country needs more on the account of it’s huge population. althoug growth The figure is about 7 percent – which is government quoted in parliament in Reply to discussion on price rise — this is growth was ‘not enough’ for Type of jobs we need, said Mr. Rajan.

Linked functions and demandTwin drivers of economy said: “Nevertheless growthLow capacity utilization. we need more demand Going forward”.

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, admits that 7 per cent growth Not something to be mocked,” said Mr. Rajan, “a lot of this is growth Unemployed growth. Jobs are basically the first task for The economy. We don’t do that need everyone to be software Programmer or consultant, only us need Decent jobs.

on me how to go creating Mr. Rajan said: “There are no shortcuts here. We have to increase skill Al Qaeda and Education of our people… if we can create a file skill Base, jobs will come.”

We’re talking about need for a dialogue in Mr. Rajan said: “In last A few years ago, I’ve seen a number of decisions without extensive consultation. demonization for Example. Now you can not make broad consultations. There are others – farm bills for Example. In democracy, it works when you have a file dialogue. He. She need Don’t be endless dialogue… and often people know What better ground facts than sitting in a coterie in Prime Minister office”.

inflation was one of The key Issues over The last months and in discussion in parliament over The last two days, and government announced that it was repercussions of External factors like covid, ukraine, russia issueThe economy he is in good shape.

according to growth K key Labs of The economy Federal Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said current Retail inflation is 7% and compare with 9 + percent for Four years during the UPA rule.

Mrs. Sitharaman Kan also Refer to recent statements of Mr. Rajan on the economy of India performance.

On Saturday, Raghuram Rajan said the Reserve Bank of India had done a job good profession in Increasing foreign exchange reserves in India, isolating India from problems Universe faced around countries Like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”

asked about government Quoting positive notes critics in Rajan Parliament said, “It was interesting, the word ‘critic’.

“I’m trying to give a balanced show view but balance also Criticism is often required. there view who is this government that only those who clapping constantly in right, because government no wrong. All government It does wrong, Mr. Rajan said.

“I criticized UPA government When I wasn’t a part of Foundation and I have worked with Previous Non-Disclosure Agreement government. I do not have reason to be excessive critical. At the same time, some criticism is justified. So no label people who Offer some criticism critics,” he is added.

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