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The government returned “empty-handed” from trips to friendly countries, says Asad Umar – Pakistan

PTI leader and former planning minister Asad Umar on Sunday said no foreign country is ready to offer support to the current government, saying that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif returned “empty-handed” from trips in search of financial support support up Pakistan is sick economy.

Prime Minister Shehbaz and members of his office started on them first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia from arrival in power. During his three-day visit, he met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other officials.

Joint Statement in Closing of Trip said two countries agreed to discuss an extension term of US$3 billion loan for help Pakistan new government high tide over the current economic crisis.

Later, Prime Minister Shehbaz traveled to the UAE, after which a joint statement said that both countries expressed their desire to strengthen “bilateral economic cooperation”.

Late last month, new government also negotiations resumed with the IMF to revive its stalled program, with the talks are led by Finance Minister Miftah Ismail. In a conversation with the Atlantic Council, he said he agreed with a key demand of IMF abolish fuel subsidies – established by PTI. “They were talking about canceling the subsidy on fuel. I agree with them,” Ismail said.

He had also blamed PTI for “destruction economy”.

Weeks later government turned out to be reluctant on do away with with in costly subsidies that are evaluated in hemorrhoids cash to the beat of another 75 billion rupees over in next two weeks.

In his press release today, Assad Umar said: “No countries including China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE – even the International Monetary Fund – give money to Pakistan.”

He quoted experts as saying that the situation in Pakistan was gloomy and it was just “weeks from Sri Lanka-like situation”.

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The ex-minister claimed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was “ignorant” and did not have the courage to take decisions. “Finance Minister Miftah Ismail looks at Shahbaz, who looks at Ishak Dar, who depends on Nawaz Sharif, being convicted former EVENINGS, in turns, looks hopelessly at Zardari… and the cycle goes on on.”

He claimed that Zardari “enjoyed” current situation most in what PM Shehbaz is completely “helpless”.

Petition for no confidence ‘hampered’ the economy progress

Umar also spoke in detail about the economic record. He predicted growth rate can go up to 6 percent a year, saying it was due to steps taken it government in in last two years to revive economy.

“This will for in first time 15 years later that the economic growth above 5 pcs. for two years in a row,” the PTI leader said, adding that no-confidence movement “slowed down” the economic progress.

He emphasized reserves of National Bank of Pakistan declined by 37% after no-confidence motion against PTI government succeeded.

Umar said that the industrial sector had never witnessed growth of up up to 7% since 2005, however ” current year This second consistent year where are our industrial growth rate is 10 pcs.”.

Similarly, he said, energy production increased by 10% during PTI. government tenure.

He retold the statement of Miftah Ismail made a few months ago when he alerted the PTI regime of opposition protest, if price of Gasoline will be raised from Rs 137 per litre. “Miftah Ismail must observe in pay attention to his statement before proceeding decision on petrol price”, – said the head of PTI.

He insisted that no one It has confidence in the government’s statement that it will complete his term of office. “No investor believes this.”

He said no one can clearly predict who will in government next month.” “Even government is an in disbelief in on this matter, he added.

In a separate tweet, Umar said that time is “running”. outand economic condition of the country has degraded with “every day that goes by.”

The ex-minister, in another tweet from yesterday, the country said. growth forecast for This year was above 5%. “Great harvests are coming in especially sugarcane, corn, rice and potatoes. Plus double number growth of large-scale production of newly released products growth for This year should be even higher than 5.6 pcs. last year.”

In response, Miftah Ismail said that PTI government ended up imports sugar and wheat, which “PML-N” government exported until 2018.

He whipped out PTI says it took 80pcs of all debt taken in previous 71 years.

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