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The government intends to consider the no-confidence motion against Democratic prime minister: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday said PTI government intends to make a decision of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan, backed by opposition parties, in constitutional, political and democratic way.

Speaking in National Assembly, minister said that government recognizes that the movement against in prime minister is an in line with Constitution of Pakistan to which the opposition is entitled move and government It has duty protect.

He put on in record that PTI government never intended to violate the constitution. “The observance of the Constitution is obligatory on all of us”.

minister said government accepted the verdict of Supreme Court on decision of April 3 of Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Kasym Khan Suri.

Qureshi also informed the House of international conspiracy for democratic change elected government and the “letter of threats” was discussed in meeting of the National Security Committee.

He said government also wanted conduct in-camera session of parliamentary committee on National security for briefing on letter.

minister said he was sorry with in support of foreign powers, most of PTI in Lower Chamber of parliament becomes a minority.

Qureshi expressed confidence that history will expose the elements that hatched the conspiracy against democratically elected government.

He said it’s the right time for the nation decides whether they will want to live with dignity and pride or something else. minister also informed parliamentarians that prime minister made a bilateral visit to Russia in consultation with all interested parties.

Pakistan has always believed in true implementation of international laws and the Charter of the United Nations, added.

He told Prime Minister Imran Khan the time and again said Pakistan would be a partner in the world is not in conflict.

minister said that all Pakistani citizens and students were stranded in Ukraine was involved back as part of a safe and successful evacuation operation. He also briefed the Chamber on the ongoing efforts made Pakistan on diplomatic front in solve Russian-Ukrainian crisis through dialogue and diplomacy.

Qureshi also dispelled the impression created by the opposition parties that the “letter of threats” had been prepared in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said: “This is a genuine letter written senior and experienced diplomat posted there.”

Qureshi also shared some content of letter with parliamentarians who kept clear threat that if no-confidence application will not be accepted, Pakistan will have to face consequences, and if successful, “we will forgive Pakistan”.

He said that’s the basic principle of PTI governmentforeign policy have heart connections with all countries.

He said that the election commission of Pakistan (EKP) is constitutionally required to hold free, fair and transparent elections within 90 days of being tasked. He said the new elections and mandate would protect the country from any constitutional crisis.

Foreign minister said that the opposition parties have nothing common in your agenda, but avoid corruption cases.

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