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The government had last laugh


How stink of tear gas still lingered in the federal capital and the seething wrath of the PTI, party Chief Imran Khan adopted a conciliatory tone on negotiation with in government — volt-face apparently marking a departure from his former populist stance on cause.

On a rare occasion of retreat, the deposed prime minister calmly took the page out of book of his rivals and now repeatedly indicates that “the doors were open for negotiations”, but reiterates that a precondition for it would be announcement of elections in June.

This tone is clearly offensive. against his populist rhetoric. In my time in officeKhan leaned towards the most belligerent points against Sharifs giving muscular thumbs down to work through the political passage with “corrupt leaders” so that he doesn’t finish up disappoints with its ribbed base.

But when he walks the careful line in his post-marching presses, balancing his populist streak with a more pragmatic approach, his position on the sticking point appears to be softened.

The choice between realpolitik and the promise of politics now he saddled a difficult one. dual message that government gotta go – but it’s negotiation also en option.

“The government had last laugh’

Legislators of the ruling alliance and political observers believe that Imran’s newfound appetite for negotiations come after his long march failed out in in face of in government overclocking.

His characteristic drawing ability was badly damaged by rough force and finally after a long day of high heat, government had last laughing, talking.

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I didn’t look at the optics good, they admitted, but the disappointing conclusion came like a shot in hand of ruling alliance, since Imran had to drastically call off rally, which he previously planned to turn into a sit-in.

« governments strategy worked and even key members of PTI leadership failed get to Islamabad. government said the MP, adding that Imran’s proposal throw in government out of gear spattered badly.

Those who failed to get to the appointed place, couldn’t bring the view of the huge crowd expected by the PTI chief. “According to rumors, Imran did not even allow Sheikh Rashid join his on container as way of showing your displeasure over last failure to draw a large crowd from Rawalpindi to the capital.”

Imran strides towards the “battlefield” for his final and determined power show couldn’t even get through to D-Chowk – location which is at arm’s length from key government installation.

Moreover, Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla recently told a television channel that the government’s measures not only worked, but could very well be used to contain a PTI rally in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if former PM decides to return to Islamabad after his six-day ultimatum expires.

‘PTI caught off ill-prepared

The imperceptible confessions of the chairman of PTI do not weaken. on Saturday when he announced it is his party will seek clarification from the Supreme Court on Monday (today) on holding public rallies and warned that in in next phase, party will come with “complete cooking.”

Speaking at a press conference with party leaders, he said, “I just want clarity from the supreme court […] I just want it’s protection then you’ll see what we’ll take out a record amount of people to the streets.”

Oddly enough, Imran – just how government – chalk up disappointing turnout for rough police raids.

PTI Chairman, acknowledging that fear of The actions of the police interfered with the spirit, hoped that this would not happen next time, especially after decision from the Supreme Court in response to his letter to the court.

He also acknowledged that party was caught off guarded by police attack, adding that he would return to Islamabad with proper training next time.

However, he repeated that the doors for negotiation should always remain open like he’s not want war, and early elections.

‘Fear factor’

MP PML-N during commentary on Imran’s press conference and the reasons he listed for the “unsuccessful long march” said the “fear factor” worked and pushed the PTI to abruptly end the rally and use the time. for in next move.

Emphasizing that he waged “jihad” against the governmentImran called opponents in followers of Yazid, as he said, they were the ones who ordered the security forces to suppress the protesters.

The analogy arose because political scientists repeatedly warned that use of sect or religion card was extremely dangerous in conditions of political instability and should avoid.


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