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The government announced a two-day holiday for Ashura

A large number of of mourners at the 9th Muharramul Haram procession in federal capital in 2018. – APPENDIX/File

ISLAMABAD: federal government approved on Wednesday two holidays on Account of Aushra (9th and 10th Muharram), the Cabinet of Ministers said in a notice.

Holidays will fall on On August 9 and 8, Pakistanis and Muslims around the world will celebrate a religious event. with grief and sorrow.

holy month of Muharram-ul-Haram, who initiated of in new Islamic year 1444 AH, Pal on July 31, Ministry of This is stated in the message of the department for religious affairs and interfaith harmony.

As large gatherings are expected during the holy month, the National Command and Operations Center has restricted access for the elderly and children from attending meetings and mayalis during Ashura in trying to keep them safe from COVID.

The following are recommendations for holding meetings and processions:

  • COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures i.e.wearing, social distancing and use of disinfectants / hand washing should be respected
  • Organizing Committees should take action for all SOPs
  • Zakirs and participants should be vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Location for lead of Majalis should be open and spacious with right
  • arrangement of ventilation.
  • Tedious of masks and maintenance of social distancing is mandatory
  • during majalis and processions. Availability of masks and disinfectants / hand washing
  • Controlled Participation According to Possibilities of places and avoidance of overcrowding
  • Duration of mahalis and processions should be cut down.
  • Majalis where it is not possible to effectively implement SOPs, e.g.
  • homes as well as private meetings should be discouraged.
  • Elderly people over 65, children and comorbidities may be sensitized to
  • visit Majalis in home through live streaming.
  • Correct arrangements for cleaning of premises with chlorine before and after events
  • Display of SOPs and precautions for COVID-19 in prominent places.
  • Compliance with SOPs by hiring volunteer scouts.

Miscellaneous aspects

  • Arrangements for Food and drink in spacious and ventilated place.
  • Accent on use of disposable tableware; preference on packaged boxes for distribution of food.
  • Avoid crowds when serving food points/locations.
  • No handshakes or hugs.

Areas of Focus

A little of aspects that require the adoption of the necessary measures at the federal level and the level of subjects of the federation include the following:

  • Religious clergy messaging for single implementation of SOPs/recommendations proposed by NCOC.
  • Strict compliance of SOP of civil administration.

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