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The freedom to belittle oneself struggle Sacrifices, achievements of India: Sonia

A day after BJP questioning Jawaharlal Nehru role in division of India, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday said party He will strongly oppose misrepresentation of history for “Political gains” by placing icons of independence movementon dock base on lies”.

in her message on Occasion of On Independence Day, Sonia said attempts to “downplay” the sacrifices of Freedom Fighters and “Glorious Achievements” made By the state can not be accepted.

“We have achieved a lot over The last 75 years old but what can never be accepted is that current self-absorbed government bent hell on underestimate great sacrifices made Sonia said in Her written message from Congress. “The Indian National Congress is firmly opposed to the misrepresentation of facts of Historical facts for Political benefits and their proposition great national leaders like (Mahatma) Gandhi, (Nehru), (Sardar) Patel and (Maulana) Azad on dock base on lies.”

Although the statement did not go into any details, it appears to be targeting the BJP’s account on Division chest on Sunday in the form of short videos via party’s social media handles. The passage, which indirectly questioned Nehru roleit was titled, “Where are those people who take responsibility for fight against divisive forces? “

in Facebook post in Indian Rahul Gandhi said: “We pledge that we will always serve our country peopleand will not allow splits in The name of Religion and caste language at any cost. He was asked about the Prime Minister’s statements on favoritism, refusal comment.

until on Sunday’s videos were met with a sharp reaction from Congress, with The party’s general secretary (Communication), Jeram Ramesh, claiming that Hindutva theorist de Savarkar generated the two-state theory and that Muhammad Ali Jinnah perfected it. “The real Intentions of The Prime Minister to commemorate August 14 as the Day of Remembrance of the Horrors of Partition use The most shocking historical events as fodder for for him current Battles politician Ramesh tweeted. “Lakhs on lakhs were deposed and lost their lives. Their sacrifices must not be forgotten or disrespected.”

In her statement, the Congresswoman said: who recovering from Covid-19, also Celebrate in India progress in The last 75 years old. I mentioned that the country has left indelible mark on The international The theater in Many fields, including science, education, health and information technology through hard work of Gifted people.

“Under the leadership of of Led by insight, while on one On the one hand, India held independent, fair and transparent elections systemHe. She also Strengthening democratic and constitutional institutions. beside to sideIndia also made identification for Itself for always live up to the ideals of plurality of Languages, religions and societies added.

at the conference premises, veteran Congressional Action Committee Leader and Member Ambika Soni posted national Science in Presence of party Leader Rahul Gandhi. Subsequently, congressional leaders took out march from party Gandhi Smriti Headquarters on Tees January as part of The partyAzadi Gaurav Yatra.

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