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The First Lady calls on the youth work for countries progress

ISLAMABAD: Name the youth asset to Pakistan, First Lady Samina Alvi on Monday said their great talent and passion will lead Pakistan to new heights of development and prosperity.

Speaking at event organized by the university to commemorate the 75th anniversary of independence, she encouraged the youth step forward and promote national development showing exemplary performance in all fields of life.

Alvi stressed the importance of devotion, hard work and perseverance in achieving the goal of put the country on its feet out proudly among the comity of nation.

“Every person, especially young people and students, must play them role do Pakistan great country,” she said.

She said the youth of Pakistan was second nobody with in relation to their capabilities. She, however, also indicated out in need for level-playing field for them to succeed.

She stressed the need to acquire cutting-edge knowledge in line with modern needs, but encouraged young people to remember their roots while studying abroad.

Alvi emphasized the wonderful culture and traditions imbibed in spirit of Pakistani society, which she stressed, needs to be promoted at all levels.

AT first the lady said education of women was vital for in progress of country, in addition to including in all fields of life.

She is also called for building awareness in welfare society of disabled persons and providing them with inclusive environment.

She praised Iqra University. for providing quality education and an effective platform for youth help they reveal their talent.

Alvi also cut the cake on reason to celebrate of Independence Day. A large number of of The ceremony was attended by students, teachers and youth.

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