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‘The festival of Brexit fails of target 66 million visitors

A £120 million arts festival known as the “Festival of Brexit” saw just 238,000 visitors, much less of the most ambitious goal of the organizers.

Organizers of Without a box – government- sponsored, post-Brexit program of art events – It was set “stretch goal” of 66 million visitors.

But government numbers for four without box events show a total of 238 000 people participation according to House magazine – just 0.36% of most hopeful goal.

In a sharp report earlier this year deputies on culture, media and the sports selection committee warned that the festival was a waste of time. of money – speaking government processing of in project was “recipe for failure”.

Unboxing organizers have now criticized the politicization of in events, with director Martin Green, saying that “unfortunately”, “Festival of The Brexit label stuck.

Brexit Opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg described it as “a holiday of Brexit, after the previous version of branding event was known as “Festival UK* 2022”.

Mr Green said House: “We should all learn from this lesson. rule one of main eventsA: Don’t politicize them. And, unfortunately, some decided to politicize it from the very beginning.”

When asked lead Festival Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Mr Green said he asked: “Can I make sure this is not a Brexit festival? You do not want some of cheers-patriotism? director said he was assured that this would not happen.

A little participants in Without a box event say insisted that Brexit not be mentioned in their contracts.

representative for The unboxing says: “Absolutely no references to Brexit. in our complete commissioning agreements with 10 projects”.

No box eventsplanned run from March to October this year including the light shows “About Us” and “Our Place”. in Space walking trails. A spokesperson for Unboxed said they were “happy with how in public are addicted.”

Back in March, deputies took criticized the design of in a project which, according to culture department officials, includes “something for everyone” – despite the fact that he was informed that this should not be everything to everyone people”.

They were also concerned which is very little people knew that event happened or what it is connected with, with its purpose remainsvague”.

Festival figures come like former Brexit minister David Frost said he held talks with Conservative party associations about becoming an MP.

Lord Frost, who resigned from the board of Boris Johnson government in the end of last year admitted to being “ambivalent” about what he was given place in house of Lords.

“If you’re going to be in politics where do you actually have your finger on buttons of power then you should really be elected,” he said House.

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