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The ex-footballer had eightfull-on’ affairs behind Kate Greville back the court hears

Ms Greville is questioned by the Royal Family’s QC Peter Wright about the incident. in Dubai in February 2020.

She is took Pictures of bruised wrist and knee, which were shown to the jury.

Peter Wright QC (PW): What? caused Incident?

Kate Greville (KG) We both had fun good time together. Was out for something to eat and drink. Walking back in a hotel room, it was absolutely normal, I and he said: “You’re a burden when you’re drunk.”

PV: Were you drunk?

CG: I drank a little, but I wasn’t drunk-drunk. I said, “I’m not drunk, I drank a little.” Why do you say that? I’m not a burden.” He said, “You’re a burden, I’m not like when you’re drunk, you change.”

PV: What about him? He was drunk?

CG: Probably the same thing, we had the same thing. amount drink.

PW: How did it end? in terms of remarks on in way back to the hotel?

CG: We have back to a hotel room.

PW: What was the atmosphere like like?

CG: Not good, because I constantly felt that he was attacking me, he was trying to attack me. again and it came from nowhere.

PW: How were you keen to respond? What form did you have of a business with what?

CG: I try to be very quiet, not react to anything and not say anything, and it starts to annoy him. up. ‘You just like my ex-wife,” he said and called me by her name. He called me Stacey.

PW: It was first when did he do it?

CG: No, he did it all the time, it was like his ultimate insult. He knew this would upset me greatly.

PW: Did he tell you why?

KG: Yep. He would say that she made his life hell because she had problem with alcohol and me just like her.

PW: Was there an incident? in hotel room?

CG: I said I can’t believe you like it’s you just trying. This event was after series of other things. So I was just in disbelief because I thought we were going to get somewhere.

Judge: Maybe if you just listen carefully to the questions.

PW: What happened next?

CG: He asked me to leave the room. He said that you need to get your own way to the airport, we flew back to Manchester next day. You need get out you need to get your own car. So I said ok, I’ll leave and started packing my things together. I had a bag on my hand, pen over my hand. I was about to leave and he got up in my way and he tried to stop me from leaving. I pushed him or tried to tell him move because i wanted go. He grabbed my bag and pulled my bag really hard to keep me from going through the door and I fell forward and hit me on the knee on in floor.

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