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The Epos H6Pro Closed Back gaming headset: price and possibilities not in balance

The Epos H6Pro Closed Back gaming headset: price and possibilities not in balance
Epos is a fairly young brand on the game audio market with a quirky approach: high-quality, audiophile audio products for gamers. The company works with Sennheiser for this, but also designs their own game headsets
Have you recently read our review of the Epos H6Pro Open Back, you will you may need to know about the H6 line. If you skipped the previous review, let’s summarize it briefly: The Epos HS6Pro Closed Back is a headset based on Sennheiser’s GSP line, on the GSP 500 and 600 to be precise. This is mainly reflected in the design: the headset clearly has a similar shape.Unlike the Epos H6Pro Open Back, the ear cups of the Closed Back variant – unsurprisingly – completely closed. That makes the Epos HS6Pro Closed Back more suitable for players who prefer not to be distracted while gaming, and perhaps less suitable for gamers who also like to listen to music. However, the approach of Epos remains the same for both headsets: game audio of a hi-fi, ‘audiophile level’. The price of 179 matches that.

Build quality

The HS6Pro Closed Back is quite reminiscent of the H3 we reviewed in terms of design and finish. Not only does the black finish look pretty chic, it also feels very solid. The headband is covered with a synthetic leather variant and a soft cushion. It is also completely made of metal reinforced with hard plastic. The ear cups are also softly lined and have suede on the inside. The exterior is made of synthetic leather and therefore easy to keep clean. The cushions can also be disconnected, so if they really can’t be cleaned after a year or two, they can easily be replaced.

The extremely soft cushions on the hard plastic ear cups are deep so that your ears never hit the speakers. In addition, the are very spacious so that they completely fall over your ears. Not only does this make the headset incredibly comfortable, it also provides exceptional attenuation of ambient noise.

Like the Open Back variant, the Closed Back features about few control options: there’s a volume knob on the right earcup, and on the left earcup you’ll find the detachable, flip-to-mute microphone. The microphone sounds fine, but has the typical telephone-like undertone. What is striking is that he is quite forgiving when it comes to consonants. That makes the microphone great for communicating while gaming, but if you stream or create other content in addition to gaming, it’s a good idea to invest in an external microphone.

The sound

What is immediately noticeable when listening to music on the HS6Pro Closed Back, is the considerable pressure in the bass and the bite (a shrill emphasis) in the mid-high. As expected, the low response of the Closed Back is firmer than that of the Open Back variant, but in many cases the low is even predominant. Especially with electronic music it booms quite a bit and that makes you tired quickly when listening to the HS6Pro Closed Back. That’s a shame, because the headset manages to create a fairly defined and large stereo image. With acoustically recorded music, the solid sub-layer is slightly smaller. problem, but here the bite in the mid-high is more noticeable. This ensures that the headset counteracts the impact moments, especially with dynamic music: instead of a great feeling, the headset starts to shriek a bit in terms of sound at higher volumes, and that destroys the fullness.

For gaming, the sound balance is a lot better. In practice, a lot of low and aggressive, present mid-highs often turn out to be a good balance for game headsets, especially for faster games. With lightning-fast shooters, for example, it ensures that the speed in the gameplay is emphasized while, with the considerable amount of layer, you also retain the impact moments. That is no different with the HS6 Pro Closed Back. The HS6 Pro Closed Back also holds up with slower, narrative games. This is where the good stereo image and the deep, heavy basses come into their own.

Then the question is: is the sound and build quality of this HS6Pro Closed Back good enough to justify the price?

In conclusion

That ensures that the Epos HS6 Pro Closed Back convinces when playing many different games, but on the other hand, this headset is less suitable for music. This means that the HS6Pro Closed Back raises a bit of the same questions as the Epos H3 that we mentioned earlier: within the price range of the HS6Pro there are plenty of game headsets for sale that may sound a little less good, but do provide surround sound options. , LED lighting and a wireless connection.

Then the question is: is the sound and build quality of this HS6Pro Closed Back good enough to justify the price? And then the answer for the average gamer is probably ‘no’. The Epos HS6Pro Closed Back is therefore absolutely not a bad game headset, but for 179 euros you simply want a headset that is somewhat more versatile than the HS6Pro Closed Back in practice. However, if you are often found at tournaments and you play in a noisy environment, then the HS6Pro Closed Back could be perfect.


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