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The Enthusiasm Surrounding Baldur’s Gate III: Unveiling the True Identity of Withered

Spoiler Alert: The Enthusiasm Surrounding Baldur’s Gate III

Spoiler Alert: The Enthusiasm Surrounding Baldur’s Gate III

Spoiler Alert!

Since August 3, PC gamers have had the opportunity to explore the expansive world of Baldur’s Gate III. Even the developers were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming enthusiasm for an RPG that may have seemed niche at first. This is a testament to their effective communication, which piqued the curiosity of a wide range of internet users, including newcomers to the genre or video games in general. The main draw that had fans eagerly anticipating the game was the multitude of choices available in both the storyline and combat.

Furthermore, the game offers a colossal lifespan that continues to impress gamers, allowing them to savor every moment. Within this context, players encounter numerous characters with intriguing stories and mysteries that fuel discussions.

Unveiling the True Identity of Withered

If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate III, chances are you’ve encountered a character named Withered, who remains in your camp after being discovered. Withered is incredibly useful, as it has the ability to resurrect fallen heroes, modify their specialties, and recruit companions to aid in battles or act as cannon fodder. Though unassuming and tucked away in a corner of your camp, Withered can easily be forgotten if their services are not required. However, many internet users have questioned Withered’s true identity. The player is provided with very little information about Withered, apart from their undeniable usefulness.

A theory has emerged on Reddit, based on various clues, that seems highly plausible. What if Withered is actually Jergal? Jergal is the original God of Death in Dungeons & Dragons mythology, who eventually relinquished that role to Bane, Bhall, and Mrykul (whom the player’s mission is to kill). According to many internet followers of this universe’s history, numerous clues suggest this theory. For instance, when players initially enter the dark crypt where Withered resides, one character expresses uncertainty about which god is being worshipped there. Additionally, one of the first interactions with this potential Old God involves a rather unsettling question: “What is the value of a single human life?”. Later in the game, a character asks Withered about their skin color, and Withered responds by stating that they are neither alive, dead, nor undead. These clues have convinced many that Withered’s true identity is beyond doubt.

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