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the doctors, senior Officials of Ruby Hall Clinic among 15 reservations for ‘Misbehaving’ in a kidney transplant

Pune City Police booked 15 peopleIncluding senior Management members and doctors of Ruby Hall Clinic, in Connection with Alleged misconduct in Kidney transplant performed in hospital in Walks in in which a woman was allegedly presented as a wife to the future members after she was promised 15 lakh rupees in return.

out of 15 people the name of the thing in The first information report manages the guardian of At the hospital, Dr. Pervis K Grant, medical deputy director Rebecca John, Legal Counsel Mangosha Kulkarni, Consultant Nephrologist Dr Abhay Sader, Urologists Dr Bhapat Bhatti and Dr Himesh Gandhi and Transplant Coordinator Surekha Joshi.

The police have also Booking the guy from Moshi who They received college and his three wife family Members, a woman from Kolhapur who He was introduced as his wife to become the benefactor, and two intermediaries, Ravi Gaekwad and Abhijit Madden.

The flight information report was provided on the basis of on Complaint from Dr. Sangoj Kadam MP director of Medical Services, Pune. The police did not made any arrests in the case.

They are being harassed, said Dr. Purvis K Grant, the administrative agent for the Ruby Hole Clinic.

“Ruby Hole did nothing wrong. Dr. Grant told the Indian Express:
On the basis of a court order in Pune, crime in This connection was registered at Koregaon Park Police Station late on Wednesday. The police protested the verdicts of planting of Human Organs Act, 1994, combined with Sections of the Indian Penal Code relating to fraud, forgery and criminal Conspiracy.
Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta told the Indian Express, “Once the accident happened lightwe referred the matter to

State health department after initial inquiry. After conducting its own investigation, the Department of Health submitted a report to the court. based on on As directed by the court, the case was registered at Koregaon Park Police Station. further investigation on. “
The case is related to the kidney swap procedure, also Known as the double kidney exchange, between a man from Moshi and a woman from Kolhapur posing as his wife, and mother-daughter The duo is from Pramati.

While the bramati was mother, the kidney was given to a resident of Moshi, the kidney of The woman of Kolhapur was given to Paramati daughter. Kidney exchange is allowed after fulfillment of All legal rules, but any financial Transaction for The police said it was illegal to do so official.

first sight, mother And daughter from bramati no role to play in Alleged misconduct, he said official. planting took place on March 24, after the operation began last year Which included medical examinations, documentation, verification interviews, audits, and final Authorization.

The case came light on March 29 after a Kolhapur woman claimed that middlemen promised her 15,000 rupees for She donated her kidney to the Ruby Hole Clinic. When did you get money She allegedly made a promise to her, so she drove to Koregaon Park Police Station. Ruby Hole Clinic Management also She filed a complaint accusing the woman of conceal her identity.
The FIR submitted by Dr Sangoj Kadam states that Resident Moshi, his wife, the woman from Kolhapur, along with Mediators Gaekwad and Madden submitted false documents to the hospital.

Internal Competent Authority of Ruby Hole Clinic for Examination of the document consisting of a medical representative director Rebecca John, Legal Counsel Mangosha Kulkarni, Consultant Nephrologist Dr Abhay Sader, Urologists Dr Bhupat Bhatti and Dr Himesh Gandhi, and Agriculture Coordinator Surekha Joshi, did not thoroughly examine the documents and sent them to the regional commissioning committee at Sassoon General Hospital, thus misleading the committee. due to alleged implantation malpractice took place At the Ruby Hall Clinic, the managing trustee Dr. Purvis Grant on an equal footing responsible,” states the FIR, taken in Marathi.

The three officials said family Individuals of The resident of Moshi was booked because during the verification process, they identified the Kolhapur woman as the patient’s wife whenever requested by the authorities.

a senior a police officer said one of Focus areas of will be the investigation role It is played by two moderators. The police will investigate how they came in call with The donor and recipient, and if they are involved in Similar bad practices in The past.

Earlier, the state government The authorities have taken strict view of Alleged misconduct in Kidney transplantation suspended recording of Ruby Hall’s Clinic perform organ transplant for six months. State authorities said the hospital did not properly verify documents submitted by patients.

In the third week of April, the Bombay High Court suspended the order of Directorate of Medical education and research to stop hospital licensing.

(with input from Anurada Mascarenhas)


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