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The development of customer service technology can also put SMEs in a competitive position

Avaya has also launched its cloud service at home. Many of the large companies in Hungary have already moved their business communications to the cloud, but now one of the most popular customer communication clouds in the world can also put Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises in a competitive position. Price is no longer the only factor in online sales, but the quality of customer service also plays at least as important a role. and retention while consumer demands have also changed. Instead of personal customer service, the use of online and telephone solutions has come to the fore. “Customers like to be able to choose to contact customer service on a website, mobile app, phone, social media or otherwise, and expect the process to be fast, easy and smooth,” said György Gombár of Avaya Hungary.

The number of companies seeing the solution in cloud-based, unified business communication is therefore growing exponentially. The popularity of the industry is well illustrated by the fact that market research firm IDC predicts that the market of $ 4.2 billion in 2019 will quadruple by 2024. Well-integrated customer service systems record all inquiries in one place, so it’s inconceivable that revenue will be lost due to a missed call, a slow-managed chat, or a forgotten email. In addition, running in the cloud is more secure as you don’t have to worry about server downtime. “It is equally important that the customer service technology moved to the cloud has a positive effect on the company’s financial results. In other words, the company should be able to handle more customer inquiries with declining costs and thus generate additional revenue,” said György Gombár

In a competitive situation, domestic SMEs

According to domestic surveys, the price is not necessarily the only customer decision criterion in online sales. Customers are rewarded with the fastest access to the service, quick answers to questions and easy administration – at a price up to 10-15% higher. Thus, the cloud-based customer service technology used by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM can put domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in a competitive position, as they can improve their customer service without significant investment. “Smaller companies using efficient customer service systems can respond more quickly to inquiries, determine more precisely which expert within the company and how they can best help the customer, while reducing their costs,” the executive pointed out.

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