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The death toll rose to 1,343. flood help, rescue operation in full swing pace

DADU/QUETTA/SUKKUR: Flood stream from Lake Manchar on Wednesday flooded the Indus Highway and flooded seven union tips bye 18 people died, 17 others were injured in various flood related incidents past 24 hours accepting death the death toll to 1,343 since June 14 across the country.

The armed forces, including the Pakistan Navy and SAF, have stepped up a relief and rehabilitation operation across the country.

According to the NDMA and Sindh PDMA authorities, the authorities were engaged in in fighting to keep the roaring lake from overflowing its banks.

Officials said the Larkana-Hyderabad-Indus highway was completely flooded while overland traffic of Dadu and Larkana with Sehwan and Hyderabad were carved off. “The Indian Highway from Wahar to Sehwan Toll Plaza is flooded and the police have blocked the road by setting up barriers to avoid any damage,” the police said.

Mohenjo-daro airport closed

Mohenjo-Daro Airport, which was closed for three years added to problems of people who stuck in their area due to the closure of main roads in floods.

Larkana-Hyderabad-Karachi Ind Highway blocked due to flooding. Similarly, Sukkur-Sukrand-Hyderabad National Highway also closed for flood traffic.

Local residents demanded the suspension of flights at the Mohenjo-Daro airport. should be renewed immediately.

flood-hit people in Khairpur Nathan Shah, alive. on roofs of their homes, hungry and thirsty, still waiting for to help.

They told media is not one informed them of the flood that had inundated their area, leaving them stranded on roofs of their houses.

They are added that dozens of stuck people fell victim to various diseases, including malaria and diarrhoea. “Because of the absence of medical institutions, life of a lot of people are situated in risk’ expressed concern.

Situation in other areas of Sindh

Jama Lakhir Goth of The Dadu area was completely flooded, and people are moving from one place another on charpoi tied to drums.

Flood water caused damage on villages of Tando Muhammad Khan. Local residents have moved to safer places.

flood water has also underwater hundreds of villages in Jhangra area of Benazirabad.

eighteen more die like hundreds more evacuated from flood-hit areas

As many as 18 more people died and 17 were injured when army helicopters carried out 20 more sorties to save hundreds of flood affects.

This was reported by the National Flood Response Coordination Center (NRCC). in statement issued on Wednesday.

The NFRCC reported that 18 people killed and 17 injured in flash floods during past 24 hours countrywide. flood death the death toll rose to 1,343, and the number of the number of wounded was 12,720. At the moment, 383 sorties of army aviation helicopters have been made. various areas for evacuation of stuck people. AT last 24 hours20 sorties flown, 217 stranded evacuated and 30 tons delivered of relief items to flood affects. In addition, to date, 3,847 people who find themselves in a difficult situation have been evacuated by helicopter sorties.

Currently 147 relief camps in Sindh, South Punjab and Balochistan, as well as 278 collection points for aid items have been established throughout the country. for collection and distribution of relief stores for flood affects. So far 4973 tons of food items together with 925 tons of subsistence items and 28,50,229 drugs items have been collected so far. 4377.9 tons of food and 887 tons of subsistence items and 2,596,769 drugs items were distributed up still.

This was reported in the IFRC. more over 250 medical camps established in which the more more than 98,551 patients were cured throughout the country and provided with free medicines for 3-5 days. Diet and other food items collected through collection points of army relief items distributed in Sindh (287 tons), Bln (125.7 tons), KP (100 tons) and South Punjab (35 tons). 1200 tents purchased by the Pakistani army arrived in Pakistan. for further extension to flood affected, the NFRCC said in a statement.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Navy has set up 16 flood relief coordination centers and 06 central collection points throughout the country. Navy also distributed 1,127 tons of rations, including 2,532 tents and 419,577 liters of mineral water in various areas. In addition, there are two tent camps. also 807 families were created (2687 personnel) have been posted.

In addition, the emergency response service PN 23 teams (ERT) deployed in 10 counties rescued 12,476 stranded people. people. These ERTs are equipped with 48 motor boats and 2 hovercraft that can be driven as in water and land and is considered the most suitable platform for this kind of operations.

Pakistan Navy also deployed 2 helicopters in Sindh interior and up still, in 43 sorties, these helicopters rescued 440 stranded people and handed out five tons of diet during eight dives teams of Pak Navy is also blown away out 24 diving operations in affected areas across the country.

Pak Navy also 42 medical camps established in to date, 29,664 patients have been treated. On the other hand, the Pakistan Air Force also carried out 75 S-130, 81 MI-17, 34 AW-139 air sorties, rescued 1,521 personnel distributed 3,083 tents, 155,897 food packages, 1,341,727 kg of rations, 152,117 liters of water and set up 19 tent camps for 13,295 people. people50 relief camps and 41 medical camps in 35,780 patients were treated throughout the country.

PAF is currently fully occupied in assistance and rehabilitation in different cities of Sindh, including Nawabshah, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, Talhaar, Jacobabad, Sehwan, Perpato, and in Baclohistan, Samungli, Killa Abdullah and Killa Saifulla. Similarly in Punjab, Air Force carried out relief operation in Rajanpour and D.G. Khan while in GB, PAF is busy with assistance and rehabilitation in Gilgit Skardu, Gizer, Naltar, Ganche and Nowshera, Charsadda, Kheshgi, Saidu Sharif, Shangla and Laram districts of PDA.

Meanwhile, Met office forecast predominantly hot and humid weather in most parts of country along with rain and thunder in a few locations in KP and GB.

According to the Met office report, mostly hot and humid weather expected in most parts of country – partly cloudy weather expected in a few locations in upper GB, AJ&K & GB.

Cases of infectious diseases on rise in flood-hit areas

Flash of contagious diseases appeared in flood-hit areas, citing sources ARY News reports on Wednesday. “AT last 24 hours87 373 cases of Infectious diseases have been reported,” the sources said. “Most of cases reported flood- devastated areas of Sindh,” sources said.

“Total 14,686 cases of diarrhea has been reported throughout the country in last 24 hours10 802 cases of the illness was reported from Sindh,” the sources said.

“Diarrhea also fast-spreading in flood- affected areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan,” sources say. There are 1890 cases in Balochistan and 1382 cases in KP. of infectious disease is reported.

Punjab has 612 cases. of diarrhea in 24 hours.

Total, 20016 cases of reported skin infection in flood victims in day. Sindh reported 16,107 cases of skin infection, while in Balochistan 1802 and KP 1168 patients of Skin infection, the sources said.

AT last 24 hours 15,532 cases of lung infection reported in flood-hit regions, 11,190 cases of them in Sindh, 1749 cases in Balochistan, 1374 cases in Punjab and 1219 cases of According to sources, there have been reports of lung infections from the KP.

Total 655 cases of eye infections have been reported in flood hit areas of country. In addition, 384 suspicious cases of reported typhoid fever flood-affected areas, according to sources.

AT last 24 hours five cases of snake bites reported in these areas, three of them in Sindh and two in Balochistan.

In addition, 34,749 cases of other illnesses were also reported from flood-hit areas in last 24 hourssources added.

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