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The Cyber ​​Defense Institute has issued a warning about a large Facebook data leak

In recent days, another Facebook data leak has stirred up the personal data of more than half a billion users on the Internet. These are primarily telephone numbers, but in many cases, for example, home addresses, contact status, and workplaces are included in the number ranges.

Among the victims of the scandal are 377,000 Hungarians and Facebook’s own founder, Mark Zuckerberg, whose telephone number has also been made public. As it turned out, based on his mobile contact, the CEO is also a user of the Signal chat app.

The NBSZ NKI drew attention to the fact that a a web app developed in Hungary, on which Hungarian stakeholders can search by phone number and Facebook ID. Whether or not your search returns results, if you haven’t changed your community profile passwords in a long time, it’s worth doing so now, along with turning on two-factor authentication.

GameStar has collected the most important scandal

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