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The company says “I’m pleased to inform the promoter is dead” in the exchange file

company made a error While submitting a notification to the stock exchange. (representative image)

Stock market profile by Rajasthan based company gaining momentum on social media and in that announced The death of its promoters. in deposit, available on mad cow disease websiteAK Spintex said he was “delighted to announce death of promoter”.

Some users have posted Screen Capture of Company Profile on Twitter.

company made The error While submitting the company’s registration to the stock exchange on August 25. but in a updated Two days later he corrected the “grammatical errors”.

“Dear Sir, we regret to inform you of the sad death of smt. Saroj Devi Chhabra (Promoter of holding company) 4.41.000 (8.71%) equity shares) Moreover, the alert was sent on 25.08.2022 with grammatical errors. Hence, this letter replaces it in all the respect of Previous message on 25.08.2022 that was sent with grammatical errors. He asks you to take please on record said the above information of company for The revised filing said, “Your reference and more is required.”

but the original The notice has been circulated widely online. In it, the company said: “We are pleased to inform that promoter of Our company Smt. Saroj Devi Chhabra who owns 4.41.000 shares (8.76%) None more in this is world. He asks you to take please on record said the above information of company for Your reference as well as do the need.”

One of Twitter users who posted screenshot of The notice read: “Dear Investors, world in cruel place Once you are gone. We see how Company Secretaries using old templatewrong Mold changes the meaning.”

signatures of company secretary and compliance officer on can notice also be seen in Shared screenshot.

Other users were surprised by the words used in Exchange deposit.

“He can made a mistake with ‘Sorry to inform’ but how he is made very serious mistake?? RIP,” one user wrote.

Another said, “We are happy to inform….” Perhaps AK Spintex should Consider reducing work Pregnancy on Mr. Ashish Kumar Baghricha “referring to one of people who Sign the document.

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