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The common law against sedition

The general explained that took on The case is because he believes that an injustice has been committed

New Delhi:

The controversial sedition law has also been suspended today and government Request by the Supreme Court for avoid Raise new issues while reviewing the colonial era rule one of The petitioners, Major General Sudhir Vumbatkiri (ret.), said he took refuge in court when the constitution he was sworn to protect was challenged.

“Every soldier swears an oath to defend the constitution, and they defend the constitution even in risk of their lives. The armed forces defend the country’s borders in order that people Inside the country can sleep safely and enjoy The freedoms and rights granted by the constitution. This is reason for I took up This issue,” General Al Fadl said with Stall 162-year old colony relic.

The Supreme Court said no new FIR should say goodibye to for Sedition and all outstanding issues on wait while government Reconsider the law. If any new cases are brought, the defendants can go to court. The government Could you pass Guidelines for countries to prevent misuse of judges said.

“This means immediate relief for Hundreds of defendants with Discord as it may apply for “The bail and investigations will be discontinued,” General Fombatkeri said. on the influence of historical system.

It is temporary, not final. The temporary order has been given as government made A turn and they said they would review Sedition law. But the judicial examination of “The law of sedition will continue,” he added.

The general explained that took on The case was because he believed that an injustice had been committed and this had to be opposed.

“I noticed that a lot of things are going wrong. I think that if there is injustice in one placeThere is injustice everywhere. Grievances must be opposed and must be resisted. me took For activism I think there has been injustice by all governments, state and central, regardless of “It’s their political colour,” General Fombatkeri said.

According to him, the whole law should run because it contradicts Articles 19 1(a), 14 and 21 of Dealing with the constitution with The right to equality and freedom of Speech, expression and protection of Life and personal freedom.

He said that the law of sedition was invoked for Many years, but more been accused in The past A few years ago.

“There are 800 cases and 13,000 cases in jailall citizens of India my brothers and sisters. Just in The last Eight years, nearly 400 of 800 cases were registered. It has always been used as a political tool, just This is more in The general said.

“The issues are the same – people I do not have real (Freedom of expression). The law of sedition tends to crush that freedom (speech and freedom). It was used more in Recent years are not issue. Freedom is denied.”

He described the constitution asone strategic document for Our country “where all laws and regulations flow.” out.

“It is important to protect this document. Also, outside Babe, I’m Indian. inside my country home I could be a Hindu, or a Muslim, or anything…”


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