The coffin leaves Edinburgh on the fly back in London

The first the reading in the cathedral was given by Eoin Millar, Duke of North Carolina. of Youth Ambassador in Edinburgh.

Quoting Joshua 4:1-3, 8, 19-24, he said, “When all the people of Israel completed the transition over Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, “Choose twelve men from people, one from every tribe and command them to take from here twelve stones out of middle of Jordan, from place where the feet of the priests stood, carry them over with you and put them down in in place where will you be tonight.

“The Israelites did as Joshua commanded. took up twelve stones out of middle of Jordan, by number of tribes of The Israelites, as the Lord told Joshua, carried them over with them to place where they encamped, and laid them down there.

” people came up out of Jordan on tenth day of in first month and they camped in Gilgal on eastern border of Jericho.

“Those twelve stones they took out of Jordan, Joshua set up in Gilgal, saying to the Israelites, “When your children ask them parents in the time will come: “What do these stones mean?” then you must let your children know”Israel has crossed over Jordan is here on dry land. For the Lord your God, dried up water of Jordan for you have not yet crossed over as the Lord your God made the Red Sea, which you drained up for us until we crossed over so that’s it peoples of in earth May know that hand of The Lord is mighty, and that you fear the Lord your God forever.”

“This word of God.”


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