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The city is enjoying post-Covid Id Purchase


Citizens enjoy shopping on the day before of Go without fear of coronavirus after break of two years.

city the markets were crowded on ‘Chand Raat’, with store owners, buyers and sellers, maximum of possibility.

After a long time the threat of Covid-19 did not hang over in people during the shopping season, and families freely enjoy the holiday event.

Number of store owners agreed with customer complaints about price campaign but refused reduce rates of products.

While middle-class citizens are more unhappy with inflation, wealthy consumers also seemed to feel a pinch.

Resident Hammad Ahmed, who rode in a cart of bought items to the parking lot area of supermarket, said while talking to The Express Tribune he said prices of everything has definitely increased significantly over the course of past yearbut shopping for Eid al-Adha could not be avoided.

Customer busy shopping in a marketSadiq Hussain, said the dress, which previously cost about 1200 rupees were sold for 2500 rupees. “No politician has done anything to improve problems of the poor masses, whose earnings are shrinking and costs are rising,” he complained.

Street performers and beggars were also a common Sight outside markets, but also apparently hurt by buyers financial restrictions.

Man looking for charity outside mall said people often used to enhance them voice against inflation, and the leaders kept promising reduce prices of essential items. However, neither the townspeople stopped shopping, nor the prices reduced.

He said people gave more money in charity in Ramadan, especially last week of month. He said earnings of beggars had also was hit inflation like enterprises.

Said Ali, wandering clown in Liberty Market, said he was college student. He said that he had performed in various public places for earn his livelihood.

He said children were ready to shake hands with he and he also loved them because they argued with them parents pay him.

Javed Ghani who it was interesting people along with his monkey named Surkhi spoke his own trade depends on animal tricks. He said the audience gave money to the monkey after watching performance. However, he said money collected by them was not enough to support his family.

The store owner said the customers were mostly haggling over prices, but he couldn’t sell anything at rate cheaper than for what he bought there.

Arish’s children, Mishal, Minal and Hasham said they didn’t know that their parents would buy for them for Eid but after a long time they enjoyed visiting the markets.

They said they would also eat their favorite food items enjoying Chand Raat with them parents.

Published in Express Tribune, May 3.rd2022.

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