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The child has death highlights a threat to young floods


in hours in front of her six-year-old son died in her knees,” Badar Bibi recalled. how she rushed from the field dispensary set up to treat people caught in Worst floods in Pakistan in decades before city hospital, desperate to bring down boy has a fever.

First she took Abdul Qadeer to makeshift medical center set up through air forcewhere the doctors managed to bring down his temperature is 106 Fahrenheit. They are also helped her get a tuk tuk to get him to the hospital in nearby city of Sehwan.

There the boy was placed on IV, and when his condition continued to improve, he was discharged. But that night when Bibi took her son back to government-run camping for displaced families, he died.

“Doctors told me … he’s fine,” said the 29-year-old. “I took My child in my hands… and in the night my baby died,” she said, sobbing.

Shahid Iqbal, doctor who treated the boy in the field infirmary last week, said there was no possible accurately diagnose cause of his fever.

But he one of hundreds of children who died in flood that devastated large parts of Southern provinces of Pakistan of Sindh and Balochistan either drowned when the water flooded homes or diseased, some of they are water soluble.

Woman, who this is flood victim receives medical attention for her baby when she takes shelter in a relief camp after rains and floods during the rainy season. in Sehwan, Pakistan, September 9, 2022 REUTERS

According to official numbers, 496 of 1399 killed so far in floods were children. Some aid groups fear they will now be especially vulnerable to diseases that can spread through water. begin retreat.

Access to emergency care support severely hampered by blocked roads, damaged buildings and collapsed bridges.


Record monsoon rains and melting glaciers triggered a disaster that didn’t show sign of subsides for in last month. UN and Pakistan tied up extreme weather to climate change; about 600,000 people fled from their homes.

Bibi family managed escape to safety in mid-August after raging floods inundated her village in Mehar, Sind. Now it is flooded, and residents say that even two-story houses are barely visible above the water.

As many as 33 million people of 220 million South Asian nation affected in a little way floods that washed away homes, roads, railroads and bridges and flooded about 4 million acres of farmland.

Pakistan rated financial losses are currently around $30 billion.

Minister of Health for southern province of Sindh, Azra Fazal Pechuho, said total of 856,000 patients have been treated since the start of the floods, mostly in mobile hospitals because more more than 1,200 healthcare facilities were under water.

Conditions including dysentery, diarrhea, malaria, skin diseases and dengue fever, already widespread, she said news briefing earlier this week.

Health department data from three other provinces of Pakistan also show thousands of patients from flood-hit areas went to hospitals and clinics every day.

The child has death highlights    a threat to young floods

Badar Bibi, 29 a flood victim who is sick 6-year-old son died in the relief camp she and her family hiding, sitting in camp after rains and floods in the rainy season in Sehwan, Pakistan, September 9, 2022 REUTERS

“A large number of of children come from the camps.” – Moinuddin Siddiqi, director of Abdullah Shah Institute in Sehwan told Reuters about this.


UNICEF said the floods affected total of 16 million children and what out of in total3.4 million children necessary “saving support”.

“Therefore there is risk of a lot of more child deaths,” UNICEF said in a statement. in statement, adding that the situation could worsen with winter just eight weeks.

displaced families in need of access for the treatment of drinking water, housing, food, toilets, medical help and medicine.

Lots of flooded areas remain inaccessible, but in government-run camps set up to provide shelter to survivors, medical care was not always available available.

“My grandson was suffering from fever and diarrhea,” Moenullah Khan told Reuters at the camp. in Charsadda, in northwest of country. He said the doctor advised him to take the boy to another hospital. in beside city.

“I don’t have any money” Khan said.

UN Secretary General António Guterres, who arrived in Islamabad on Friday on two-day follow-up visit flood answer, call for “massive” international support for Pakistan.

Aadarsh ​​Lagari, Liaison Officer with UNICEF said there is no reliable data yet. on how a lot of children in flood- the affected areas became ill.

“There is children who are on curb, family on curb. And the worst thing about this is that they are now forced to consume the same stagnant flood water that full of diseases,” he told Reuters.

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