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The center did not ask before raising fuel prices; Why are states urging to cut VAT now, asks TN Finance minister

Hours after the center cut taxes duty on Petrol and diesel, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister B Thiaga Rajan Union government criticized them of “States Urges To Cut Taxes”.

P Thiaga Rajan wrote on the microblogging site Twitter: The Union Government has not reported, let alone question for which country view When did they increase union taxes? on Gasoline ~ 23 rupees/liter (+ 250%) and diesel ~ 29 rupees/liter (+ 900%) from 2014. Now, after rolling back ~ 50% of Their increases, they are urging states to cut. Is this a federation?

The minister He mentioned that even before the union government king first reduced its taxes on Gasoline and diesel in November 2021, DMK governmentVAT cut off on petrol in August 2021.

Thiaga Rajan stated that the reduction resulted in comfort of 3 rupees per liter to people of Tamil Nadu while government Had to incur a loss of 1,160 crore per annum due to this reduction.

“Nevertheless it was done, though financial An inherited lineage governmentto reduce the burden on The people of Tamil Nadu. It should be noted that even during the 2006-11 system, the DMK . was government tax cuts on Gasoline and diesel for luxury of The common Thiaga Rajan said.

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Moreover, he said that the tax union government levies on Gasoline gold up substantially in The past Seven years resulting in increased revenue for Center with several holes but not matching increment in States returns noted. “This is because the Union Government has increased the tax and surcharges on Gasoline and diesel with reduced basic excise duty This is shareable with He said.

Finance minister Then he claimed that the exorbitant increase in Taxes by the union government It was only partial reduced Through cuts, taxes are still high compared to 2014 rates, and he stated that it is neither fair nor reasonable for countries to expect this reduce their taxes.


On Saturday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced to cut in excise duty. a price shorthand of It was 8 rupees and 6 rupees per liter announced for Gasoline and diesel respectively. This will reduce The price of Gasoline 9.5 rupees per liter and of Diesel at Rs 7 per liter.

Sitraman wrote on Twitter, “I wish To urge all state governments, especially states where the reduction has not been made during last round (November 2021), to also Executing a similar cut and give relief for common man.”

Also, the center decided that give subvention of Rs 200 per gas cylinder (up to 12 cylinders) up to over Nine Crore Beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yogana.

PM MODI . Responses

respond to news of drop in Excise duty Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote, “It always people first for us! Today’s decisions, especially the one Related big drop in Petrol and diesel prices will positively affect various sectors, providing relief to our citizens and more ease of living.'”

While many BJP leaders tweeted in support of The moveCongress has remained largely unaffected.

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