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The Cabinet approves the placement of Fauji Foundation at the Department of Defense

ISLAMABAD: Federal cabinet approves placement of Fauji Foundation under Administrative Control of Defense division.

Sources said the ministry of The defense received permission to place Fauji Foundation under Administrative Control of Department of Defense by circulating resumes.

It is pertinent to note that the Fauji Foundation is a charitable foundation participating in welfare of ex-military of All Armed Forces over Pakistan.

Charitable foundations business was transferred to the provinces, and the Fauji Foundation was transferred to the Department of Social Welfare, government of Punjab via Metropolitan Government and Development Division Notice of 29 July 2011 on reorganization of Federal Secretariat in the pursuit of Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

However, it is important to note that the Foundation out its activities throughout Pakistan and is not limited to one province. Also in section 3 of Act 1890, the federal government is the “appropriate government”. for Administration of the foundation.

Sources said the defense division proposed to place the Fauji Foundation under administrative control of Ministry of A defense that the Foundation would continue to function as an independent charitable organization under the 1890 Act.

Sources said that the Finance Department did not object to the proposed arrangement as the Fund is in compliance with conditions such as the Fund financially self-sufficient entity.

The institutional arrangement is not result in any increase in federal government development or current expenditure requirements.

The offer will not affectin Any way) operational/employee- associated costs or pension liabilities, sources added.

Meanwhile, department of institution, ministry of law and government of Punjab has also supported the said proposal on the condition that it continue work as independent and financially self-supporting charitable organization and status of its employees remains without changes.

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