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The British army turns its all-terrain vehicles into unmanned vehicles

Soldiers of the British Marine Corps, Royal Marines, often ride so-called MRZR-type ultra-light tactical vehicles developed by Rheinmetall Canada during deployment. The main purpose of vehicles is to provide soldiers with the ability to move quickly even over difficult terrain, writes Popular Science. The British Ministry of Defense will equip vehicles with autonomous driving technologies to be able to use them even more versatile in combat conditions. As planned, the Marines during the deployment could, for example, send the MRZR back to supply without a human driver, which would allow more ammunition to be loaded, and besides, the life of the driver would not be endangered while moving into enemy territory.

Autonomous military off-road vehicles can be driven even with remote control (Photo: Rheinmetall)

Rheinmetall Canda has successfully tested a tool kit for self-driving system called PATH, which was installed on the MRZR D4 model as part of the Theseus project.

The purpose of the Theseus project “is the automatic development of a supply solution for soldiers fighting in a hostile environment. Unmanned aerial or ground platforms can be used to supply soldiers on the battlefield, including ammunition, other ammunition, food and fuel, while reducing the risks to soldiers

the British Army wrote in a statement.

After installing the self-driving navigation system using artificial intelligence, soldiers can use the rovers in the traditional way, control them by remote control or choose a fully autonomous mode

A light all-terrain vehicle can carry 4-6 soldiers (the latter requires two extra seats) and although its own weight is only 952 kilograms, it can carry a payload of up to 680 kilograms. If necessary, one or two stretchers can be attached to it so that it can also transport the wounded from the battlefield to a safe place.

US Army special forces, meanwhile, are experimenting with electric motors with which they can approach the enemy in deathly silence.

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