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The big Facebook shutdown: what actually happened?

On Monday night, we experienced a more serious service outage than ever before on Facebook and its interests, Instagram, WhatsApp. During the forced downtime of about six hours, all three platforms became inaccessible, causing serious problems even for those who use their Facebook account to log in to other interfaces.

Downtime around three-quarters of six speculations immediately began that some kind of large-scale cyber attack might be behind it, and speculation was further fueled by Mark Zuckerberg’s company silently listening to the cause of the mistake. Shortly before midnight, however, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram also relaunched, and now we have a fairly accurate picture of what might have happened.

The most direct source of explanation is the Facebook night’s shared official which, while not detailing the technical details, summarizes the reason for the shutdown. According to the text, the outage was caused by a “faulty configuration change” in the routers of the servers serving the Facebook Empire, which disrupted communication between data centers and the company’s internal systems, further slowing down the resolution of the situation.

Insiders who told The Verge that the crisis was exacerbated by encouraging all Facebook employees to use third-party services such as Google Docs and Zoom, so workers could not communicate with each other even through these. Thus, the situation was managed through alternative channels such as Outlook, FaceTime or Discord.

Although the Facebook statement does not specifically state that there was no cyber attack, it states that to the best of our knowledge, user data has not been compromised due to downtime. Based on the opinion of independent experts who spoke to the press, we can even believe the Zuckerbergs, as currently no serious source provides credit for the explanation of cybercrime.

with a later shared explanation from Facebook. According to Szöllősi, what happened was due to a configuration error in the BGP protocol, which is briefly tasked with coordinating the path of data packets sent by routers between users ’devices and Facebook servers. However, due to an incorrect setting, the connection could not be established because the routers simply could not find the Facebook infrastructure.

The disruption not only caused serious annoyance to users, but also brought a huge business stomach to the Zuckerberg Empire: during the shutdown, the stock price of Facebook shares fell by roughly 5 percentage points, representing a loss of about $ 7 billion. With the resolution of the crisis, the price of securities also started to rise slowly, but since then the exchange rate has not been able to return to the previous level.

The last time there was a similar shutdown in the history of Facebook was in 2019, but even then it was only approx. the total outage lasted for an hour. At the same time, yesterday’s crisis also had funny side effects. One of these is that Facebook on Twitter was forced to admit the shutdown, which was later played out on the microblogging official channel when it literally greeted the whole world, suggesting that everyone “fled” to the platform. But it was also an interesting episode that so many people were looking for it to check the availability of the websites Is it down right now? – on Facebook that it also crashed from the load.

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