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The Biden administration is making money off War in Ukraine: EU officials

Collection of high-ranking European officials are fed up with Biden administration for what they view like profiteering in a war in a time of conflict in Ukraine.

Comments come from rising gas prices and growing tension over US legislation that offers tax breaks to those who Buy an American.

Meanwhile, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is pushing the European economy into recession while the US is winning, some officials say.

” fact that is, if you look at it soberly, then the country that benefits the most from this war is the United States, because they sell more gas and higher prices, and because they sell more weapon”, one senior Europe official told POLITICO.

EU turns to US for gas in reduce support on Russian fuel – but price The EU pays reportedly four times higher than what the Americans fire at out for the same product.

Putin invasion of Ukraine pushed the EU to look towards the United States for gas.

“The United States is selling us his gas with factor effect of four when he crosses the Atlantic,” Thierry Breton, European Commissioner. for domestic market, said on french television on Wednesday. “Of course, the Americans are our allies … but when something goes wrong It’s necessary also between allies to say it.”

The Biden administration vehemently denies price- accusations of campaigning and instead accused of high costs on Ukrainian conflict.

” rise in gas prices in Europe caused Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s Energy War against Europe, period,” the spokesman said. for This was reported to Politico by Biden’s National Security Council.

Thierry Breton, European Commissioner in accusation of Domestic market.
Thierry Breton tore the US for up- gas charging multiple of four.

The dispute is exacerbated by the Biden Inflation Reduction Act, a huge tax, health care and the climate. package which offers tax breaks to those who buy American-made electric vehicles, causing concern among European car manufacturers.

“No one wants to get into a tit…for-tat or subsidy race. But what the US has done is really inconsistent with principles of free trade and fair competitionIrish Trade Minister Leo Varadkar said at an emergency meeting of the EU Commission. on Friday, according to Fortune.

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