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“The army will not available for elections duty- told ECP in the Ministry of Defense.

Islamabad: Ministry of Protection on This was announced on Tuesday by the election commission. of Pakistan (ECP) that the Pakistani army will not available for elections duty this year in connection with the situation in countries”, noting that security of borders and the country was army”first a priority”.

During the third ECP session regarding elections of The Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Gatherings chaired by Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raji – Lieutenant General of Defense (retired) Hamud Uz Zaman Khan and Additional Minister of Defense Major General Khurram Sarfaraz Khan briefed the commission on current situation of countries, according to a press release issued by the ECP.

Pakistan has witnessed a dramatic rise in terror incidents for V last several months that took lives of several people and as a result, the security forces raised the stakes against militants throughout the country.

officials of Ministry of Defense informed participants of V session about the situation on borders and deployment of army in country, along with general state of law and order.

“The army attaches great importance to its basic duties, and security of borders and country first a priority. Because of current situation in country the pakistani army is not available for elections duty at present,” the ministry said.

“Moreover, current economic situation of the country has effect on army too. And it will decision of ruling administration, whether it restricts the army performance of primary duties or imposes secondary duties on him – that is, the election duty”.

They also clarified that if an army is assigned an elective duty the troops will be introduced in rapid response mode (QRF) and static deployment of there will be no troops possible.

This should note that on orders of Supreme Court, elections for elections for the Punjab Assembly on April 30. In addition, elections schedule It has also was announced and submit documents for nomination.

KP Governor Haji Ghulam Ali also announced May 28 as date for elections in province after the meeting with ECA and President Dr. Arif Alvi.

Previous meetings

A total of three important meetings of were held CEP, which was attended by members of commission, ESP secretary and others senior officers.

V first At the meeting, Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman and Punjab Inspector General Usman Anwar briefed participants on V general elections of Punjab Assembly, law and order situation in province, etc. problems of province, including security and economic problems.

Punjab IG stated, “Deployment of the police are not limited to the day of elections, but their responsibility is to ensure the security of people and prevention of crimes. The police will be deployed to protect mosques and worshipers for a month. of Ramadan”.

“3330 political meetings and campaign events passed during the 2018 elections Will more during these elections, so it is very difficult to ensure security in note current state of law and order.”

Anwar added that police actions have begun against criminals in V area of Kutch, and this exercise would take four to five months.

Meanwhile, Zaman said that 40,000 teachers currently on census duty and the same teachers give duty in matriculation exams. In addition, at this time the staff also required for buying wheat.

Zaman and Anwar argued that given current general economy and law enforcement of country, reliable protection cannot be provided in April 30 elections until other law enforcement agencies, including the Pakistani army, are deployed to assist the police.

“The goal is not only to hold elections, but also to hold clean and transparent elections. Is not possible hold elections in these circumstances, especially if separate elections are held – with provincial elections in April and then the National Assembly elections,” Zaman said.

V second meeting of CEP, the governor of the KP informed the commission in details about the situation with law and order in KP and problems of united districts (FATA).

Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary of the Punjab and the Inspector General of Police expressed their inability to ensure reliable security of surveys for Punjab Assembly unaided of law enforcement agencies and the Pakistani army, as well as due to the general economic and law enforcement situation in the country.

Electoral Commission briefing chaired by Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja on general elections, law and order in Punjab and economic conditions of province, leader secretary emphasized clean and transparent elections, stating that it was not currently appropriate to hold elections current conditions.

IGP Punjab stressed that the deployment of police personnel was not limited just day of elections, but extends to securing safety and security of officials in the census and warning of crimes.

IG also stressed that the police will be sent to protect mosques and worshipers over the next month. of Ramadan.

IG Punjab next added that the police force was committed to providing safety and security of all citizens and their duty is not just limited to maintaining law and order during elections. Police personnel will continue to ensure the safety of citizens, especially during events such as Ramadan, which of religious meaning.

He said that 3330 political rallies and campaign events passed during the 2018 elections Will more of them during these elections, so it is very difficult to ensure security by keeping in note current law and order situation.

He also said that a police action had begun. against criminals in “Kacha” area. For which 4 to 5 months would be required after the operation there was great hope that the situation would improve for Holding of elections.

about 40,000 teachers. on duty for census and entrance examinations, and will also to help with purchases of wheat while the upcoming elections were also held in April.

Election Committee second meeting with Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa discussed the state of law and order and challenges faced in united areas.

The Electoral Commission appealed to the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to let them know of his decision after final consultation on Tuesday.

Defense Minister Lieutenant General (right) Hamud-ul-Zaman Khan and Additional Defense Minister Major General Khurram Sarfaraz Khan briefed the Electoral Commission on countries current situation, borders and deployment of the army in interior during their third meeting held in commission.

They informed the commission about the general situation with the rule of law. of country and said that the Pakistani army attached great value for him basic responsibilities, in that security of borders and country was his first a priority.

They said that because of current situation in country, there was no Pakistani army available for elections duty at that time. Besides, current economic situation of the country has effect on army too. AND government may restrict the army to primary duties, or assign secondary duties to it, such as election duty due to current conditions.

The army will available on Rapid Reaction Force (QRF) mode for elections duty To ensure an effective response to security concerns during the upcoming elections. However it won’t be possible for Army in perform elections duty in static mode.

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