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The Amazon is building an offshore wind farm

Amazon is working on the company’s largest renewable energy project to date: it wants to build a gigantic offshore wind farm twenty kilometers off the coast of the Netherlands. The business, which handles almost everything from online retail to the cloud, will partner with energy giants such as Shell and Eneco in this project, and Amazon is scheduled to buy about half of the system’s total capacity. The investment is expected to generate 3.3 terawatt hours of energy per year by 2023: enough to supply one million Dutch households with green energy.

Amazon has previously promised to have 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. over, however, he is now talking about perhaps reaching that goal by 2025. But Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have made similar commitments, making significant investments in the energy industry worldwide.

The Amazon is building an offshore wind farm

However, increasing production capacity is not enough to increase the share of green energy: the issue of energy storage must also be addressed. California, for example, already generates so much solar energy that some of it cannot be used, so it is virtually wasteful.

Amazon’s latest investment also addresses this problem, and a new, innovative storage solutions, such as the production of “green” hydrogen with some of the energy produced.

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