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The aggressive blackmail virus has returned with renewed vigor and is even more harmful

ESET, the developer of cyber security solutions, has published its virus report for the second third of 2021, which summarizes the most important statistics and research results of its detection systems. ESET’s latest virus report highlights several worrying trends, including increasingly aggressive blackmail virus tactics, increasingly intense brute-force attacks, and frequent, deceptive phishing campaigns targeting those working from home.

There have been several major extortion virus attacks in recent months, including the highest-ever ransom demand ever. The attack on Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil pipeline company in the United States, and the supply chain attack, which exploits the vulnerability of Kaseya VSA’s cloudy IT management software, have been felt beyond the cybersecurity industry.

that, in both cases, financial gain was the primary goal instead of cyber espionage – the perpetrators of the Kaseya attack imposed a ransom of $ 70 million, the highest such claim ever known.

” this time they may have been exaggerating, as the involvement of law enforcement agencies in these high-impact cases has forced several groups to retreat, but the same cannot be said of TrickBot, which appears to have returned with renewed vigor since last year: unfortunately doubling our sightings this year. boasts malicious features, “said Roman Kováč, senior researcher at ESET.

Second quarter The number of password-cracking attacks, which often serve as the initial step in extortion attacks, has continued to increase. Between May and August, ESET detected 55 billion brute-force attacks on public Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services (an increase of 104% compared to the first third of the year).

ESET telemetry also saw an astonishing increase in the average number of daily attacks per individual user: while in the first third of 2021 the number of daily attempted attacks per machine was 1392, it doubled for the second third with 2756 daily attempts.

exclusive research on the second third of the virus report reports, inter alia, on new phenomena, including the highly acclaimed DevilsTongue spyware used to spy on human rights defenders, dissidents, journalists, activists and politicians; and the Dukes APT Group’s new phishing campaign, which continues to be a primary threat to Western diplomats, NGOs and think tanks. A separate chapter in the report describes the new attack tools used by the highly active cybercrime group Gamaredon targeting Ukrainian government organizations.

The recent virus report also shows the activities of a new cross-platform APT group and Linux systems; and a myriad of security issues in Android harassment virus applications; and malware targeting IIS servers, which poses a variety of security risks, has also been introduced.

The full, detailed virus report can be found at this link.

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