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That's what a stolen Gmail account is worth to hackers

We tend to think that our credit card number is the most desirable thing for hackers to earn the most on the dark web. This also seems logical because we enter our card numbers in a lot of places, creating too many attack points, meaning that card data is relatively easiest for thieves to obtain, and it seems to bring them the greatest immediate financial gain.

However, based on the new Dark Web Price Index of 2021, created by the Privacy and Cyber ​​Security Privacy Affairs website, a Gmail account is actually what can in many cases generate much more revenue for hackers than a stolen credit card number.

“Only in 2020 will well-known companies and organizations such as NASA, McDonald’s, Visa, MasterCard, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Lockheed Martin, Google and even FireEye and SolarWinds cyber security companies have also been the victims of serious data breaches, “warns Privacy Affairs.”

Stolen data is sold in dark corners of the Internet to which ordinary users do not have access. And those who still don’t follow best practices for data protection and the protection of their myriad digital accounts may be frightened to see how much money an entrepreneurial hacker can get from these accounts.

Privacy Affairs contains data recorded up to May 9, 2021 based on the Dark Web Price Index of 2021. It shows how much a hacker can earn with different credit cards:

  • Cloned with Mastercard PIN – $ 25
  • Cloned with American Express PIN – $ 25
  • Credit card details, account balance up to $ 1000 – $ 150
  • Credit card details, account balance up to $ 5000 – $ 240
  • Stolen online bank logins, at least $ 100 on the account – $ 40
  • Stolen online bank logins, at least $ 2,000 on the account – $ 120
  • Walmart account with credit card – $ 14
  • Hacked (gl obal) credit card details with CVV – $ 35
  • Hacked US credit card details with CVV – $ 17
  • Hacked UK credit card details with CVV – $ 20
  • Hacked Spanish credit card details with CVV – $ 40
  • Hacked PayPal account information with a minimum of $ 1,000 in the account – $ 120

It is worth considering that a Privacy Gmail account is considered by Privacy Affairs ( With a $ 80 black price tag) can actually be worth more than most of the above. There is a lot of information flowing into a Gmail account that can lead hackers to other aspects of the account holder’s life, and this can be of great value to criminals. they typically get an 80 percent guarantee — that is, for data purchased in bulk, 8 out of 10 are expected to be accurate on things like card balance. Another interesting piece of information revealed by Privacy Affairs is that the average dark web price for a hacked Netflix account with a 1-year subscription is $ 44, which is a bit high compared to what would have to be issued for a legal subscription.

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