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‘Thandaa denge’ vs ‘Thandaa do Bhai: Tejashwi, Nityanand Rai Rai is hot’ up over CBI raids, Yadav . command

Vice Bihar Chief Minister AK Party leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav competed with BJP MP and Union minister of condition for home Nitianand Rai continued to get angry.

during spelling out his position on The latest CBI raids on many locations Including in many RJD leaders’ headquarters in Connection with the work-forA land fraud case, a 32-year-old trained his guns on Ray, 56, without naming him. He said on Thursday, referring to Rai, adding that the BJP leader has been commuting a lot between Patna and Delhi these days. he is also took Criticism of Rai’s ambition of become bihar CM.

Hit back In Tchachoi, Rai, who Then he was addressing a public gathering in samastipore, took dig in formersaying: “Hamko thandaa do bhai (please make me sober). Bhains ka doodh peene se log thanda ho jaate hain (preserves buffalo milk) one calm).”

this was second Model in Less than two months ago when I had a severe pancreatitis attack on opinion. Last month, Rai was accused of having once approached the leadership of the AKP with the demand of let him join The party When did not become minister.

Then Ray immediately rejected his claim, saying that he’s always been in Better political position in The BJP, as the BJP Chairman, and later as a Member of Parliament and Union minister, hence the claims of Juchshui were “all empty”.

There can be a couple of Reasons behind You aim your burping at the rai over and over again. First, RJD looks tense like various central agencies like CBI and ED . both climbed up They raid buildings of Many RJD leaders in recent weeks. May claim to be burping in public They are not ‘afraid’ of Central agencies, “but there seem to be some indications of Anxiety and anxiety at 10 o’clock, ring road in Patna – accommodation of Previous-CM Rabri Devi and her husband and RJD Chairman Lalu Prasad.

Member of Parliament from the BJP Rajya Sabha, Sushil Kumar Modi, rose to the fore attack on reminds him of burping of for him elder brother And the current minister Tej Pratap Yadav has named one of Tejashwi’s close associates as the owner of A mall not so long ago.

Tjachoe reportedly thinks Rai could be so responsible for central agencies move to intensify their raids on RJD leaders in Work-for ground condition. He was himself among those accused in IRCTC case 2017. The AKP also accuses the BJP of “Political revenge”, the latter can be anxious over RJD’s return to power After the saffron party She lost her former ally and CM Nitish Kumar to Mahagathbandhan (led by RJD grand alliance).

else reason behind recurrent visceral targeting of Rai is his constant attempt to appear as the main leader of Yadav community in Bihar, like for him father Lalu Prasad earlier. This is why whenever any of the BJP Yadav leaders tried to show their presence, Tegashwi would go after them. He had earlier also attack the former Bharatiya Janata minister and the leader of Yadav Ramsurat Rai.

One of Notable BJP leaders and prominent Yadav leader, Rai, who Close to the union home minister Amit Shah, was seeking to project Same as a party’s potential CM candidate for Assembly polls 2025.

Rai, the two-time deputy of Ujiarpur, wields great influence in hajipur in the state belt. jojo has already made His mark as a state leader through his leadership of the Justice and Development Party campaign in In the 2020 elections, when it will be party state up interesting performance And emerged as the biggest single party Although Lalo’s absence. Keen to continue the momentum in To his advantage, Tchachoi always seems bent on neutralize any leadership challenge From any fellow leader Yadav.

with Ray’s engagement in attitudes with The ambition of the Prime Minister, Tchachoi, has not lost sight of anything chance to me gun for Him, even if it means tacitly accepting him as a competitor for Yadav driving face.

Lalo also They used to embrace this strategy during his days. First, cancel the effect of senior Yadav leaders like Anup Lal Mandal, Vinayak Mandal and Jagendra Himanshu to become leaders of opposition after death of former CM and socialist icon Karpuri Thakur. Later, Lalu took on Janata Dal’s colleague Sharad Yadav, although the latter had little political interest in Bihar. He didn’t even allow The rise of Likes of former MP Rajesh Ranjan or Babu Yadav.

while committing ensure squad of Rainbow social coalition Behind RJD’s “MY (Muslim-Yadav)” support Al Qaeda, what he calls his “A to Z” approach, may continue to focus on Consolidating his position as a major leader of Yadavs, OBC’s largest block of accounts for 14 percent of the states population. It probably takes current In the position of DCM as a “incubation period” before he can finally take the reins like CM. So, at this point, it was more concerned with keep his heart support The base is intact before he can make efforts to expand it for wider acceptance.

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