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Testing of Mail Drones to be Conducted in Russia

Moscow, June 2 – The press service of the Postal Corporation reports that the Russian Post and Rusdronoport have agreed to test the delivery of parcels using drones for port drones.
In early May, Nikolai Ryashin, General Director of Rusdronoport, told the News Agency about the creation of a postal machine with a drone by Russian developers, to which a drone can deliver parcels and documents without human intervention.
Russian Post and Rusdronoport have agreed to conduct a test delivery of parcels using drones for port drones. The company said in a statement that the partners will work on a set of measures for the phased development of ground infrastructure for drone ports to develop mail delivery. Congress of Industry of Industrial Russia (CIPR).
The drone port obviously has the functions of the post office, where the drones load the parcels. To do this, in the upper part there is a landing deck with an automatic hatch for receiving charges. After the parcel is delivered using a drone, the client can pick it up at a regular post office.
It is added that the Russian Post will test two types of drone ports. The first is a light three-cell version for parcels. The second one will have space to store 8 items at the same time. The maximum weight of the parcel is 10 kilograms. At the same time, the UAV outlet design will be anti-theft and sealed.
Russian Post considers drones to be an important element in the automation of logistics and its transformation into a single technological process. Similar devices are now being tested in other countries by various logistics companies and markets. This will be a first experience in Russia, but we are confident that the drone ports will help reduce waiting times for customers and speed up last-mile deliveries,” said Sergey Sergoshev, Deputy Director General of the Russian Post for Logistics.

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