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Tesla was sued because of the nightmarish conditions at the California factory

A former Tesla employee sued the company, claiming he had experienced “unbridled sexual harassment” at the factory where he worked while describing congestion-like circumstances.

Former Tesla employee Jessica Barraza filed a lawsuit against Tesla on Thursday, alleging she was exposed to kitten calls and “aggressive physical touches” as well as a series of inappropriate remarks while working at the carmaker’s factory in Fremont, California. reported to the Washington Post.

In an interview with the Post, Barraza said he had been insulted several times at work, including because of his physical appearance. The harassment also included an offer by SMS from a senior employee. In another case, a man’s colleague “put his foot between his thighs when he came back from lunch,” and told the Post that this was the “last straw”.

After September and In October, Barraza filed two complaints against human resources that he allegedly had not been dealt with, and then filed a lawsuit in the Alameda County Supreme Court under the California Decent Work and Housing Act.

including “nightmarish conditions” and a factory that resembles a “rough, primitive construction site or a red-light neighborhood rather than a cutting-edge company in the heart of advanced San Francisco Bay.”

He has developed post-traumatic stress disorder due to alleged abuse at the factory, according to Barraza

Another employee, Alisa Blickman, claimed that male employees women workers and ranked their attractiveness with a “number system”. Blickman, who works in a seat factory near which Barraza worked on Model 3, has also filed an HR complaint, although he is still employed by the company and is currently on leave for Covid-19

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