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Tesla strikes back: Model S owners sued for $ 780,000 for defamation

Tesla customer sues Tesla, gets right. Now Tesla is suing the customer. (Screenshot: Tesla)

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A Chinese A Tesla customer had sued the company, won the case and then repeatedly expressed himself badly about Tesla on social media. Now Tesla is suing the customer.

Han Chao successfully sued Tesla in a Chinese court. Han was able to claim 155,000 US dollars (1 million yuan) in damages because Tesla had demonstrably withheld from him an accident damage to the rear of his Tesla Model S, which he acquired in 2019.

Tesla is said to have concealed the accident

Han had bought the vehicle on the automaker’s official website. He was assured that the vehicle had “no major accidents” or “structural damage”. When the car broke down after three months and Tesla is said to have shown itself bulky with regard to a repair, Han called on a third-party workshop, who found cuts and sweat marks in the rear side panels of the vehicle during the investigation. This made it clear that the Model S must have had an accident.

Tesla bursts the collar at Hans social media activities

Han sued and was ultimately right. Tesla was fined $ 155,000. Han used the litigation as an opportunity to poke fun at Tesla on social media. He called the automaker a “rogue company”, “garbage Tesla” and “quack”.

Tesla does not want to accept that. According to Han, the manufacturer has now filed a lawsuit. Documents published by Han on the Chinese Twitter alternative Weibo show that Tesla is accusing the Chinese of defamation. Tesla is demanding damages of $ 780,000 (around 5 million yuan) for this. Tesla also demands an apology and the removal of Han’s posts on Weibo. This is reported by Inside EVs.

Han sees himself otherwise in the right

At the moment, it doesn’t look like Han wants to move towards Tesla. On Weibo he writes:

“Are you saying that although you have to pay me more than 1 million yuan in compensation, even though I am the victim, Can’t I say a bad word about you and have to pay 5 million as a price? ”

Tesla has so far, also responded to requests from various media , not commented on the process.

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