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Tesla is making Model Y more expensive again – it gets more range in return

Tesla Model Y. (Image: Tesla)

In 2021, Tesla made its electric cars more and more expensive in several steps. A big jump in price first came in late October, when Model 3 and Y were up $ 2,000 each and Model S and X were up $ 5,000 each. In early October and early November, Model 3 and Y prices were also raised by $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. Now the next price correction took place – again upwards. This time, only Model Y seems to be affected. In both the long-range and the performance version, another 1,000 dollars more are due.

Model Y: $ 9,000 more expensive than early 2021

In the cheaper variant Model Y Long Range Dual Motor, the price climbed in the US to $ 58,990. So, writes Electrek, the price of this Model Y model has increased by $ 9,000 since the beginning of the year. The cost of Model 3 climbed even more sharply. The rear-wheel drive version is now 22 percent more expensive than at the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, the increased prices only apply to newly ordered vehicles that will be delivered in the coming year at the earliest.

Tesla has justified the overall quite violent price increases with higher prices in the supply chain. This should mean the current shortage of components, which does not only affect the chips. Tesla has just delivered Model 3 and Model Y without USB ports and without an inductive charging cradle – because the corresponding components were not available. After all, the affected customers should get the USB ports and the charging cradle retrofitted later.

Range for Model Y increases by 30 kilometers

But there is also good news for Tesla users: inside. After Tesla had given the smallest Model 3 nine percent more range at the beginning of the month after a battery change, the range of Model 3 and Model Y now seems to have increased further – in certain versions. The Model 3 with standard rims (18 inches) will travel 510 instead of 491 kilometers in the future. The Model Y with 19-inch standard rims can now travel 537 kilometers without reloading, instead of 507 kilometers previously, as reported by teslamag.de.

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