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Tennis Court should Don’t fall into the trap of Interpret everything as terror: Omar Khaled to Delhi HC

Activist Omar Khaled, who he is in Booking as accused in Delhi Police Case of bigger conspiracy behind Riots in north-east Delhi, on Monday argued that the court should Don’t fall into the “trap” of Interpret everything as terrorist activity, after bench Asked if the protests against The Citizenship Amendment Act instilled a sense of Fear and insecurity between public.

Presentation was made before the Delhi High Court, in Context of A reference to a Supreme Court ruling where it was stated that an activity creates a “feeling of Fear and insecurity ‘between people It could be called a terrorist act. The court hears the arguments in Khaled plea for The warranty will continue on Tuesday.

Big advocate Tredip Payes, representing Khaled, claimed that the Court of First Instance in Her order to deny him bail led to the “escalation” of Chekka’s “without any basis” to an “act of terrorism,” contenting himself with reproducing witness statements without any discussion whatsoever.

Pace further argued that the protests were against “unjust law” and they did not target or commit violent acts in method in which section 15 of UAPA thinks. Section 15 defines an act of terrorism under the provisions of the UAPA of that was protested against Khaled.

“many of of The actions or situations mentioned against I (Khaled) wasn’t even qualifying (Like) terror. she was just Either protests or meetings. they did not qualify Until terror or conspiracy. I didn’t participate in No violent protest, no protest material to show my participation in Violent protest,” Pais presented.

The division bench Presided over by Judge Siddharth Meridul earlier wondered if there was a sense of Fear and insecurity arose during and in The aftermath of protest or not. “Is this the case? of claim that as a result of air protest in Those target areas have been greatly spoiled of instill fear in The people who Lives in The area asked Judge Meridul.

Pace responded that the indictment did not reflect this. he is added“If this is the case, all criminal will become the verb terror. “The court also He said, “We even agree to target murder It could have a psychological effect.”

Khaled counsel also He argued that the indictment was “embellished material” against him but in fact there is no relationship between the accused offense of And the data shown as a guide. bis also feet that strict test for Bail under UAPA will not apply to him because there is no material to support the allegations of prosecution.

bis also He argued that the indictment was trying to obfuscate the actions of one or two with verb of others. “This is beauty of Comprehensive information about the FIR like This is amazing. five people At the same time place. same role attributed, three made Accused, two “,” is added.

On the use of formulations like “Amia Omar Khaled” and “Pretense” of atheism” against Khaled in In the indictment, Bayes provided, “There various parts like This one who attributes the societal personality, the fundamentalist behavior and the very sectarian … with It has absolutely no basis. These are lines just Put there to create bias.”

Judge Meridol remarked, “A little verbose. We agree with you.”

Paes, while reading the shipping sheet, also He confirmed that Khaled is completely different with Sharjeel’s speech is an imam at Jamia Millia Islamia, but “he (Khaled) is cut off with Person who calls for deep sectarian protest against Civil Aviation Authority, and there is no ideological meeting at all of between different minds people who They were there at the meeting and they were supposed to be a part of conspiracy.”


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