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Tencent and Metaverse: These are the plans of the gaming giant

The Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen, China. (Photo: Shutterstock / katjen)

“Everything that makes the virtual world more real and the real world richer in virtual experiences can become part of the metaverse”. This definition of Pony Ma doesn’t sound particularly concrete yet.

At the presentation of the quarterly results, the Tencent CEO spoke together with other colleagues from the management team, also introducing the company from the Metaverse.

Tencent metaverse: 1 concept, 3 main aspects – and it will last

Concrete key figures and target figures were not given However, company president Martin Lau admitted that the development processes would “probably take longer than people expected and would probably need a number of repetitions.”

The strict Chinese government has the company in the back of their minds: They believe that Beijing is “not fundamentally averse to the development of metaverses” – as long as the legal framework is adhered to.

Metverse components at Tencent: gaming, social networks, AR and VR

Three pillars should support the Metaverse concept in the future:

Gaming in the Metaverse? Tencent titles offer links

The first is particularly Tencent-typical: gaming elements. For example, the company is behind the game manufacturer Epic Games and the instant messaging service Discord, which is widely used in the gaming sector; Titles like Fortnite or Roblox already show their first metaverse moves with their comprehensive platform structures.

Particularly interactive Games, several games under a common IP or an infrastructure that enables users to develop games – according to Pony Ma, all of this offers metaverse potential.

Tencent on the Metaverse: Even the competition “still has a lot of work to do”

Pillar or path number two to the metaverse: A social network that is playful and contains significantly more programmable elements. For this, the appropriate technical prerequisites are needed first, for example for 3D graphics, but you also have to provide “the UGC and PGC tools that the game companies need,” says Tencent’s chief strategy officer James Mitchell.

“Although social networks like Meta itself and Snap have the most capital, they also have a lot of work to do,” he explains Look at the competition.

Tencent Metaverse: So could Discord are used

“Real experiences, but enhanced by augmented reality and virtual reality” st ellen represent the third component of the Metaverse plan for Tencent. Here, too, they want to use the existing company portfolio: Communities operated by users, such as Discord, “which already have a high level of functional technology bots” could then “Move from a text and image base to a more immersive video base.”

But, like those responsible themselves say: That will take a while.

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