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Temporary Restraining Order Required against group associated with allegations of voter intimidation in Arizona


Association for pensioners and organization for Hispanic voters demand temporary restraining order against a group they claim to coordinate campaign of voter intimidation in Arizona.

A request for a restraining order was filed on Monday evening. with federal court action alleging that group Clean Elections USA and founder Melody Jennings failed of the federal law with incidents near the vote drop box locations in Arizona.

The court accuses the defendants of “coordinated campaign of voter intimidation.” in violation of Voting Rights Act and Federal Civil Rights Act.

The US net election did not respond to CNN’s inquiry.

Status conference scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00 in federal court in Phoenix.

lawsuit points on three complaints filed by voters to the election commissions in state. Complaints reported that people took pictures of license plates. of voters seeking to quit ballots via drop boxes, with one a complaint alleging that individuals referred to voters as a “mule”, a reference to the marginal voter fraud conspiracy theory.

Secretary from Arizona of The State Chancellery sent these and similar complaints of threat to the US Department of Justice.

new lawsuit also quoted social media messages from Jennings and others public the comments she gave that the lawsuit says show her group related to expected behavior.

“Organized self-defense detachments of the defendants already turned away from voters. Under any circumstances, the conduct of the defendants would be objective intimidating”, – the lawsuit says. “But, in in current tense political climate, the actions of the defendants bear with they were threatened. There is no guarantee what crowds that the Defendants have mobilized and continue to inflame the will remain peaceful.”

Retiree Association, Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans noted that the preference of its members for using drop boxes makes them especially prone to perceived intimidation. Voto Latino, Latino voters. organization said it was forced to divert resources to educate its constituents on what the lawsuit calls new “hostile” environment for vote.

The organizations are seeking a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction that would prohibit the defendants from “gathering within sight.” of drop boxes; from following, taking photos of or otherwise register voters or potential voters, those who assist voters or potential voters, or their vehicles on or around drop box; and from teaching, organizing, or directing others to carry out those activities.”

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