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temple or new Living in the twin tower site? I will go to court again if ‘: residents | India latest news

A week after the 100-meter-high Noida Twin Towers were razed to the ground, destroying the Noida Twin Towers grand A scene, there was no decision on What will be done on the site where these two towers were built illegally by Supertech. Where the creator wants to develop a file new Living project On site , body of Emerald court that moved against The builder said they would again move Court if Supertech builds another residence there. “Of course, we will object to any such attempt by the creator move court also If necessary, “Adi Ban Singh Teotia, chief of Emerald Court Residents Association, told PTI.

meeting of population will be held soon to discuss issue as a number of Suggestions have come up Including of Temple as well – on site. Controversy, however, was raised for Not creating a garden on the site that was demarcated for green in The original building plan.

The Twin Towers have come up Illegally in a area Inside our dedicated community buildings for Green color space. No doubt, now we will have a garden over there. there also Some suggestions from several residents for build a temple there but for That, we’ll have a meeting of All residents of the society in some days and decision It will be taken accordingly, said Teotia.

I will take approval of Emeral Court Roy’

Supertech President RK Arora said they have plans housing development project On site and will take permission of Population union if necessary. The company said that it owns a land area of ​​2 acres that is not located under the green zone area. If permission is not granted, the company will seek a refund of Earth cost of power. “Earth cost at present rate should be around R80 crores. we had also pushed around R25 crores for The purchase of EXTRA FAR (floor area Rate) in This is a project,” Arora said.

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