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Temperatures to reach -9C in southern England as cold snap continues | UK weather

The temperature in some areas will drop to -9°C of southern England in one night, the Met Office said. on Monday, with freezing weather expected last to end of next a week.

There will be ice fog remain in some areas on Tuesday morning like a cold snap shows No sign of subsides.

Cold 3 degrees weather the alert was extended until 9 am on Friday by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), with people urged to warm up and check on vulnerable family and friends.

Craig Snell, a weather forecaster for the Met Office, told the PA. news agency: “We have a rather cloudy, damp, but moderate weather across Northern Ireland, Scotland and far north-western regions of England on Tuesday. temperature can get up up to 12C or 13C in Aberdeenshire way.

“Further south through the rest of England and Wales, we are still having colder conditions so there may be some fog again which will be quite slow to clear, so very similar start by Monday.

“When there are clouds, it will be quite cold. But in the sun, although it will be cold, the sun will be help negate the chill a little, so that’s it in everything is very similar to Monday.”

With a decrease in temperature to -9.5C in Sunton Downham, Suffolk, on Sunday, it was confirmed by hundreds of households in England and Wales are eligible for cold weather payments. These payments made vulnerable people to help them with heating bills when the temperature drops below freezing.

Payments go to the living in en area where the mean temperature is recorded or forecast as 0°C or below over seven days in a row.

Payments will made to homes through north-East Anglia, Cumbria, West Wales and Oxfordshire.

Snell added: “Tuesday morning will probably be the coldest, with Some parts of Southern England receives down up to -9C, fluctuates around -7C in early hours of Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency has 34 flood warnings in place, that is, flooding is expected and actions to prevent it. should take place.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, also issued high air pollution warning for capital for Tuesday.

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