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Telangana Governor says KCR government discriminates because it is a woman: “Helicopter refused, flag raised…”

Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan in A public Her job where she completed three years in office today.


Telangana Governor Tamilisay Sundarajan was martyred today with a number of Cases to claim that the state government is discrimination against It is because she is a woman. I listed not getting government Helicopter as an example, the “denial” of the ruler’s speech was raised of Science on Republic Day.

“Whenever you are wanted to reach out to me peopleSurely there were some obstacles,” she said in a letter A public Her job where she completed three years in office. “The state will write in that it history how She was discriminated against against. “

Neither Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) nor government – Led by K Chandrasekhar Rao (‘KCR’) – responded to her allegations.

A political angle is also spotted, as Ms. Soundararajan is a former president of Tamil Nadu BJP. Center led by BJP and TRS government Cut into each other repeatedly over The past few months Chief Minister KCR is working to oblige the opposition to challenge Narendra Modi PM in 2024.

Governor Sundarajan speaks on its equation with the state governmentRemember a situation when she had to get it for tribal festival in Mologo district. “I needed to go to Sammakka Sarakka (Jatara), so I asked government for Helicopter because the journey on the road will take eight hours… until last Minutes, we haven’t been told if they’ll do give chopper or not. we left The next by morning carShe barely said made He. She in time is like main It was supposed to be a festival over By 4 pm.

She said, “I’m telling this not to single someone out, but highest office should to be respected.”

This is not the only incident, she was denied the governor’s speech, and she was denied hosting of Science on Republic Day” added. “So far, wherever I go, protocol It is not fully followed. The whole does not come and greet. I’m not upset, but office should to be respected.”

Discrimination “did not stop this woman,” she said. “I work more From men. I’m not want anything to of No allocation or reservation because I am a woman. But we all respect femininity.”

She said she now travels “wherever she can.” car or train.

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