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Tehran: The crisis of nuclear negotiations with America and Europe as well

With the high level of pressure on Iran to resume the nuclear negotiations stalled in Vienna since last June, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that Tehran is committed to what it pledged regarding the nuclear file, but the crisis is with the United States and Europe.,

He also added, according to what was reported by Fars News Agency, “We will not link the country’s economy to the nuclear negotiations, but we are committed to what we pledged, but America and the Europeans are facing a decision-making crisis.”

In addition, he considered that Iran’s foreign policy “has a wide interaction with the world.”

European and American warnings

This position comes After repeated European warnings and calls for a speedy return to the negotiating table over the past days.

The United States and three European powers agreed on Friday, during consultations in Paris, on the need for Iran to quickly return to the nuclear talks, amid concern

Commenting on those talks, State Department spokesman Ned Price said at the time, “We are united in the belief that negotiations should resume in Vienna as quickly as possible, and to pick up exactly where it left off after the sixth round.”

Vienna Negotiations (archive – AFP)

Other options

It is noteworthy that the nuclear talks, which were launched in Vienna last April, have been suspended since June, amid persistent calls for their resumption, and warnings that the delay would open the way. Washington has before it to consider other options.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has waved more than once recently what it described as other options, if Tehran delays returning to negotiations, warning that time is running out, and opportunities are running out. The revival of the agreement signed in 2015 is waning.

In turn, the International Atomic Energy Agency has recently warned the Iranian authorities more than once of their continued violations of the nuclear agreement.

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