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Teenager sacrificed life off Dorset coast to save sister from drowning, inquest hears | UK news

eighteen-year- the old man sacrificed his life by letting go of his’ elder sister in sea ​​that has just saved his two nephews and niece from a violent current off coast of Dorset, listened to the inquiry.

Callum Baker-Osborne was exhausted as he swam to the rescue of three young children and briefly hooked on to his sister Samantha Osborne-Ward, for help.

But realizing that he risked drowning them both, he released his sister, allowing her to reach safety before he disappeared in water. Him body was found four days later.

AT start of consequence in Bournemouth, Baker Osborne family released photos of Callum on beach with one of his nephews minutes before the tragedy happened.

The incident happened on noon of July 26, 2021, after a big family from Coventry, arrived for caravan holiday in Hamworthy, Poole.

Some of thirty family the participants went to the beach at Rockley Point for paddle, but a strong wave threw everyone into deeper water, prompting Baker-Osborne to dive in to help his nephew Byron.

Then he helped Cameron, another of his nephews, get to safety before you hear your sister cry for help like her sevenyear-old daughter, Aurora, dragged away. He got to her and lifted her into the lifeboat.

current connected him and his sister, and he clung to her. But when they went under again she told him she was drowning, and he immediately let go.

Samantha Osbourne-Ward stated at the hearing that brother, who was an avid swimmer and was in good shape because of rugby training, was excited to go to the beach and take children swimming.

family haven’t been to many beaches before and because of some kind of covid of the younger ones did not even see the sea.

Osborne-Ward said: “Suddenly big gush of water tug us under. It was the biggest bang, we were all wiped out out and then we fought up”. She said how he helped small children before he moved towards her. “He kept on to me for helphe was exhausted. I told him that he was drowning me and he immediately let me go.”

Description power of water, Ann Marie Osborne, Baker-Osborne’s mother said: “Suddenly floor gone. I was pushed in spiral. I couldn’t understand what was going on.”

An air and a sea search was launched, but Baker-Osborne body was not discovered until 30 July. An autopsy confirmed that he had drowned.

The investigation continues.

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